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We’re Looking for Two Discord Moderators

We need two subscribers to help us run the community we're building on Discord. Here's how to apply.

We’ve had an absolute blast over the past two weeks live-streaming the presidential and vice-presidential debates with all of you. Hundreds of you have signed up for our subscribers-only Discord server, which is becoming a vibrant and active community in its own right. Many of you have asked if we can keep the community open for subscribers to chat, hang out, and discuss the news of the day 24/7. We’d love to do this, but it requires some oversight to make sure that we maintain a safe and inclusive community for everyone in there.

That means we need your help. We don’t have the resources to moderate the server on a daily basis, so we’re looking for two subscribers who are both fluent in Discord’s settings and systems and willing to spend a bit of their time every day checking in on the conversation and making sure everyone is getting along ok.

The people we choose will get an extra year’s subscription to Discourse Blog free of charge.

Here’s what we’re looking for.


  • A daily presence in the Discord chat, coordinated with the other moderator, so that at least one of you can be generally online during business hours and most of the evening recreation time. This does not mean your life has to be this Discord! We’re just looking for someone whose work situation lets them have the app open in one of their tabs or monitors and who can generally check in or have notifications on if an issue arises.

  • Weekly check-ins with me (Jack Crosbie) to make sure everything’s going smoothly. We’d just hop in a voice channel for 5 minutes to chat.

  • Your duties would primarily be enforcing the rules of the Discord. In practice, this would usually mean issuing mild warnings if things get out of hand, or, if necessary, resorting to mute users for a period of time. For serious issues, you’d be able to bring them to me and we’d sort out banning or removing users.

To apply:

  • Send an email to with your full legal name (or name you go by IRL), social media handles, and a short paragraph about who you are and your experience with Discord/ community moderation. We’re not going to run a background check or anything but it’s important that we know who you actually are for a gig like this. Please include contact information (cell phone number) as well — we’d probably be communicating mostly through Discord but it’s best to have that too.

I’ll be setting up very brief interviews with applicants over the weekend and then choosing two mods on Monday. If you don’t get chosen, don’t worry! We may need more mods in the future depending on how the community grows, and we’ll also be looking to regular users themselves to help make sure everyone feels welcome. We’re all in this community together.

(Image via Joe Biden).