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We’re Experiencing Issues With Our Paywall!

We are taking down the paywall until we can resolve this problem.

A pattern of the Discourse Blog logo with the bird icon
Illustration by Angelica Alzona, Remix by Samantha Grasso

We are aware of a technical problem preventing subscribers from being able to access posts behind our paywall. To our readers who have reached out, we sincerely apologize for this issue and thank you for your patience. This is not the reader experience we want for anyone.

Here’s what’s going on (to the best of our admittedly limited technological ability): Pico, the software we use to for subscriptions and to help implement our paywall, released a big update (2.0) Sunday night. As it tends to happen with software releases, there have been glitches—namely, this paywall problem.

It’s been a bit of a game of telephone over at Discourse Blog HQ. After some back and forth, we were told the issue had been resolved yesterday afternoon, but we’ve continued to receive messages from subscribers who are not able to access paywalled posts. So we are taking the paywall down entirely while we work with our partners at Alley and Pico to resolve this issue. This post will be updated when the paywall is reinstated.

UPDATE, 05/12/2021, 3:40 P.M. EST: The paywall has been reinstated.