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Watch the Presidential Debate With Us


Update, September 29: The big day is upon us!

Here are the instructions for how to watch our Twitch stream tonight, and here are the instructions for how to join our subscribers-only Discord chat.

Wild as it may seem, the first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is just days away. Yeah, yeah, we know: ugh. But that’s where we can help—especially if you become a paid subscriber.

Discourse Blog will be hosting a live Twitch stream and Discord chat at 9 p.m. ET during Tuesday night’s presidential debate. (For the uninitiated, Twitch is a live video streaming service and Discord is a community chatroom program.)

You can stream the debate with us, chat with us as we take in whatever insane nonsense is happening, and listen to what will presumably be our increasingly horrified and bewildered reactions as the night wears on. The best way to deal with something like a debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is to get through it with friends—so why not get through it with us?

Everyone will be able to watch the Twitch stream, regardless of whether you’re a paid subscriber or not. But only our paid subscribers will be able to chat directly with us in Discord. So if you want to participate, you have to subscribe.

It’s just $8 a month or $85 a year, and there will never be a better, more valuable time to subscribe than right now, ahead of Discourse Blog’s relaunch next month. (You’ll thank us later.)

Subscribe now

You might be wondering, “this sounds good, but, uh, I don’t know how to do Twitch or Discord or whatever!” Don’t worry: we’ll send out detailed instructions containing absolutely everything you need to know ahead of the debate on Tuesday.

So join us on Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET! We promise it’s gonna be a good time.