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The Panicked Desperation of Fox News Is a Joy to Behold

They pushed a 'Tucker Carlson reaction' cam last night because they treat their viewers like giant babies.

tucker carlson watching joe biden's covid speech
Fox News

Viewers of Fox News were met with a disturbing sight at around 8 p.m. ET: Joe Biden, giving a primetime address about COVID.

Not to worry, though: Fox News had a trick up its sleeve to make sure that its audience wasn’t so terrified by Biden that they’d change the channel: a Tucker Carlson reaction cam in the corner of the screen.

This really happened! Biden was speaking, and Tucker Carlson was sitting in the corner, silently squinting and breathing and making little facial expressions:

As Biden kept talking, Fox News got increasingly frantic in its efforts to keep its viewers on the hook:

“BIDEN SPEECH NEARLY FINISHED; TUCKER WILL RESPOND.” As promised, Carlson eventually did respond, bringing on COVID truther Alex Berenson to help him peddle fear about the COVID vaccines.

Beyond the absolute weirdness of having Tucker Carlson just sitting in the corner while Biden speaks, this little episode says a great deal about where Fox News is. The network is reeling in the ratings, struggling to hang onto a base that is becoming too extreme even for Fox News. It clearly does not trust its viewers to simply watch a speech from Joe Biden without the additional lure of Tucker Carlson. The rising panic in the chyrons are evidence of that. Biden is nearly done!!! It’s like telling a crying kid in the backseat that you’re almost there, really, don’t worry.

There is a sick irony in a network that spends so much time railing against the easily triggered left not even being able to run a speech without handing its viewers a giant security blanket. It’s fun to see.