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Look at This Absolute Loser

Witness the whining and moaning of an old and increasingly irrelevant man.

Donald Trump in the White House briefing room

The election hasn’t been called, but Donald Trump’s path to victory is looking, as the pundits are fond of saying, “increasingly narrow.” So what did he do? Address the nation on Thursday evening from the White House briefing room sounding like an absolute loser.

Big media names like The Washington Post and CNN will talk endlessly about how much Trump lied. Of course he did, these are the pleas of a dying man! “Ballots” vs. “illegal votes” reportedly doesn’t mean anything, even, to the president himself!

And yes, to be sure, Trump spewed many malicious spores of lies that he will no doubt spend the rest of his days cultivating in a damp closet somewhere.

But I was mostly struck by how much of a loser—one of Trump’s favorite insults!—he sounded like. The president, lying like a dog. And, like a dog pissing on a tree, he once again “claimed” victory, despite falling further behind by the minute, said the Supreme Court would set this all right—subtlety has never been his strong suit—and offered such other demonstrative falsehoods as saying the “election apparatus” in Georgia, where votes are still being counted, is run by Democrats. (The governor and the secretary of state are Republicans.)

A rallying cry this was not. Just the whining and moaning of an old and increasingly irrelevant man.