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Imagine Thinking Republicans Care About Any of This

We are well past the point where 'facts' and 'evidence' matter.

NBC News

Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial is now underway, and so far, it’s about what you’d expect. Democrats started by running a damning, harrowing compilation of video clips from the January 6 storming of the Capitol:

Then they ran through the reasons why it was appropriate to be trying Trump at all, citing many precedents. Presumably, things will continue in this vein.

Since 45 Senate Republicans already voted against holding the trial in the first place, it seems like a foregone conclusion that Trump will be acquitted. But wait! Democrats might have an ace up their sleeves:

New evidence! That’s sweet of the Democrats, it really is. Does anyone really think that Republicans care about the evidence in this situation? We already have the evidence. The Capitol attack was filmed from every conceivable angle. Trump was on video and Twitter and everywhere else. We know what happened. Republicans are not bothered with evidence! “Our case is based on cold hard facts. It’s all about the facts,” lead impeachment manager Jamie Raskin declared as the trial got underway. Well, OK, but good luck making facts matter one bit in this situation.

Raskin—who has been through a horrible ordeal recently—then recounted his own experience on the 6th in a very personal and emotional way. That will likely not matter either. Republicans survived the attack on the Capitol and then most of them voted to overturn the 2020 election. This thing happened to them and it didn’t change their minds. What more do you need to know?

Maybe I am wrong, and Republicans will be moved by their “conscience” to change their minds, or maybe I am right, and they will continue to act the way they’ve been acting since, lemme just check this one, roughly forever.

Update, 3:52 pm. ET: Everyone just watched Bruce Castor, one of Trump’s impeachment lawyers, give a sub-Lionel Hutz performance. How bad was it? This bad:

But guess what! Republicans still don’t care. They will watch this nonsense and then they will vote to acquit Trump anyway. We can laugh, but Trump still wins in the end.