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The Trump Grift Never Stops

Keep fighting, keep #winning!

Trump announcing his lawsuit against Facebook

Donald Trump announced today that he was suing Facebook and Twitter for the rights to post on his accounts again after the social networks banned him for inciting the January 6 insurrection.

This lawsuit is garbage, everyone knows it is garbage, Trump knows it is garbage, the more intelligent of his supporters know it is garbage, and yet, here it is. It is there because the dumb ones will still give him money for doing it, which he immediately requested:

Trump’s announcement, as is custom, was transcribed in real time by the familiar cohort of White House press corp vets. At this point, I think we can largely give up hope that this kind of stenography will stop: political websites have correctly identified that such journalistic rubbernecking pays immediate traffic dividends, and that there’s still a monetizable audience for this sort of thing.

For what it’s worth, there are signs that coverage of Trump is getting marginally better in some places. The Times buried the news deep down on their front page and quickly pointed out that Trump’s suit is legally bunk and mostly a fundraising ploy.

Other outlets were not so scrupulous.

We all know where this goes. It’s the same playbook! Trump needs to keep fighting continuously to stay relevant. His entire appeal has always been as a pugilist. What’s interesting about the evolution of this strategy is that despite his early 2016 motto, “winning” isn’t even important right now. What’s important is that Trump projects the appearance that he is on the offensive. It’s why he’s making a big show about this lawsuit, which he will surely lose and then claim that he was robbed and censored by the Big Tech Government Deep State, and also why he is not making a big deal about the slow-moving campaign by the Manhattan District Attorney to bring criminal charges against a Trump Organization executive (which is in itself an attempt to pressure that executive to comply with broader inquiries into Trump’s business dealings). Trump is happy to keep that one on the back burner, and instead do a big showdown with Facebook, because he knows that this will make a splash. Trump Sues Zuckerberg! is a big WINNING headline for everyone involved: Trump, Zuckerberg, and every reporter who writes that story. It’s a money maker! Rise and grind, baby. Let’s all get this bread.