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Neera Tanden

Neera Tanden

So Neera, So Far

Notes on a failure.

White House

Surely Democrats Can’t Be This Stupid

Their monumental miscalculation on Neera Tanden's nomination is part of a very old pattern.

neera tanden

It’s Good to Know What You Can Get Away With in Washington

Neera Tanden's tweets were far from the worst thing about her.

neera tanden

Neera Tanden Was Finally Made to Answer for Her Crime of Bad Tweets

This thing went fully off the rails.

Bad Online
A collage of Sen. John Kennedy, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and OMB Director nominee Neera Tanden at Tanden's confirmation hearing.

The Left is Getting Rolled in the Biden Transition

We're sensing a theme here.

Biden progressives

Office Hours: Neera Far

It's time to pick your all-star, entirely-too-online Biden cabinet.

Office Hours

The ‘Hire More Women Guards’ Presidency is Here

A round of applause for the diverse leaders of U.S. empire.