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joe biden

joe biden

America: Where It’s Much Easier to Kill People Than Help Them

The system is working perfectly.

minimum wage

Why Won’t Joe Biden Touch the Biggest Union Drive in America?

Backing the Amazon union should be an easy call. Biden won't do it.

biden amazon union support

It’s Good to Know What You Can Get Away With in Washington

Neera Tanden's tweets were far from the worst thing about her.

neera tanden

Joe Biden Had a Horrendous Answer on Canceling Student Debt

This was some tired, disingenuous, factually dubious nonsense.

White House
biden student debt

The White House Press Corps Humiliates Itself Once Again

It's out in the open now: these people haven't learned a thing.

Donald Trump delivers remarks to the White House Press Corps

Democrats Seem Extremely Determined to Botch the Stimulus Checks

It's like they want to lose.

White House
Joe Biden's position on stimulus checks.

Good Lord Just Give People Money What Is Wrong With You

How many times do we have to say this?!

White House
biden covid bill

Someone Make Joe Biden Say ‘GameStop’

We need this.

The Economy
biden gamestop

A ‘Return to Normalcy’ Should Scare You

The rapturous praise for 'boring' and 'normal' President Biden proves that we didn’t learn anything from the Trump presidency.

biden presidency normal

The GOP Will Never Love Joe Biden Back

Republicans can't be accommodated. They must be crushed.

White House

I’m Not Ready to Move On Yet

I'm still in mourning for what we lost in the Trump years.

White House
Joe Biden with his hand on a bible held by Jill Biden, swearing in to be the 46th president of the United States.

Make America Cringe Again

Let's not do this please.

Bad Online

Return Fighting

One battle is over, and another one begins.


Big Baby Has No Friends

Let's all laugh at Trump getting ghosted over and over again.


Just Give People the $2000 Check You Repeatedly Promised Them Please!!!

This is not complicated.

joe biden 2000 checks

The Year In Winners and Losers

The rich stay winning, the rest of us keep losing.

2020 winners and losers

It’s OK to Call Bad People Mean Words

The awful people might get mad, but it doesn't matter. They're awful people!


Biden’s Cabinet Is a Rewards Program For His Friends

Even Trump's picks had more coherence than this.


A List of Jobs Rahm Emanuel Has Been Bad At

White House staffer, mayor, freelance writer — he's terrible at all of them.


Joe Biden Wasted No Time Betraying Immigration Activists

Biden has made it clear that immigrants don't deserve better than what his Democratic predecessor offered them.

A protester with a face mask at an October 2020 demonstration in Minneapolis holding a black sign that says "Abolish ICE" in white block letters
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