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Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos

The Super-Rich Are Robbing Us Blind

A blockbuster report shows exactly how much the wealthiest men in the world are stealing from the rest of us.

The Economy
A picture of Jeff Bezos standing around looking rich

Uhhhh, Is Amazon OK

Amazon is melting down in the final stretch of the union drive at an Alabama fulfillment center.

screenshot from an Amazon anti-union video

Jeff Bezos, Enemy of the People

As he steps down from Amazon, his brutal anti-worker legacy can never be forgotten.

Fuck Bosses

Rich People Who Can Fuck Off in 2021

We have it on good authority that Baby New Year says we should eat the rich.


The Year In Winners and Losers

The rich stay winning, the rest of us keep losing.

2020 winners and losers