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‘Succession’ Sick Fuck of the Week: ‘Mass In Time of War’

So many candidates, but only one can win!


Hello, and welcome back to Succession Sick Fuck of the Week, where we talk about which person was the biggest sicko on the latest episode of HBO’s Succession. As ever, the latest episode, “Mass In Time of War,” provided many worthy candidates, but there can only be one winner. Let’s get to it! Spoilers obviously.

  • Let’s start with a returning icon, Marcia. After cutting Logan off thanks to his weirdo maybe-dalliance with Holly Hunter, she’s back! She knows Logan is in deep shit and that she has tons of leverage if she saves him from a messy public divorce, so she swans back into the fold and promptly negotiates extremely favorable financial terms for herself and her children. Incredible power move! In its ruthlessness and its amoral cynicism, it can definitely be dubbed sick behavior, but you have to admire the handiwork.
  • Gerri is figuring out life at the top. She’s even taking screenshots showing the big news about her CEO promotion (awww) and trying to keep Roman on side. She doesn’t make too many big moves this week.
  • Greg, poor Greg. Our favorite putz is discovering just how wide the gap is between the situation and his capacity to handle the situation. All these lawyers are coming around and freaking him out, he’s getting weird threatening phone calls from Tom, and now his grandfather wants to use him in some plot to expose the folly of capitalism??? Not great! He doesn’t get too sick in this episode.
  • Tom, though, has a whale of a time toying with Greg’s fragile emotions. Those two are starting to rival Gerri and Roman for weird S&M chemistry. The pleasure Tom derives from throwing Greg off-balance is definitely sick. He’s sooo into it. It’s nice to see him trying to assert himself with Shiv, I guess?
  • Logan is notably wounded this episode, still far from full strength. He’s sucking up to Connor for god’s sake! But even Logan with knives in his back is able to exert a powerful influence. Witness the diabolical games he is able to play just by sending some donuts to Kendall’s—sorry, Rava’s!!!—house. Everything he does is always sick.
  • Speaking of Rava—get these people the fuck out of your house, sicko!!!
  • And now we come, as we must, to the Roy children. This episode is centered around a lengthy, horrible conversation all four of them have with each other in Rava’s house, as everyone circles everyone else and tries to figure out their positions. Connor, though he is a bad person, is the nicest person in this chat. Everyone besides him is horrendous. Funny, great with insults—especially Shiv’s insulting of Roman, ouch—but horrendous! The problem is that none of them has any real convictions except for self-interest, so they can’t have a real talk with each other. Kendall makes headway towards convincing the others to join him, to take down their objectively terrible dad and atone for the sins they know they all carry, but they can’t do that and also let Kendall have any control. He gives a big speech about how he wants to be all about doing good and righting wrongs, but the second they turn him down he morphs into a figure of astonishing cruelty, hurling insult after insult to them, sounding, ironically, exactly like the father he supposedly can’t stand. In the end, they’re all just Logan. Very sick all around!

But who is The Sickest? I gotta go this week with Kendall, for the aforementioned villain turn and also for the absolutely insane coked-up rant he goes on about the media to try to convince Shiv and Roman that he has any idea what to do with the company. (“Unsubscribe,” Shiv says hilariously.) Going on tirades about media and technology and the future is the sickest behavior of all. Kendall is high on both drugs and his own supply, and it’s causing him to say the dumbest shit at all times. Get this sicko sobered up and wean him off the Jeff Jarvis tapes, stat!!! Congrats Kendall, you are the Sick Fuck of the Week!