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The New York Times: “Journalists Are Leaving the Noisy Internet for Your Email Inbox”

New York Magazine: “Checking In With the Newsletter Economy” (Aug. 31, 2020 issue)

CNN: “Here’s why these media startups chose to launch while so many other outlets are going under”

“The Oaklandside, Rest of World, The 19th and Discourse Blog, along with Sportico, are among the new publications making their debut during the pandemic. Leaders of these five publications told CNN Business that while the economic fallout from the pandemic has impacted some of their plans, their motivations to create new outlets for journalism have only grown stronger.”

Kerry Flynn, CNN

Vogue: “Millions of Americans Qualify for the COVID-19 Vaccine Based on BMI. Why Should We Apologize for It?

Business Insider: “Substack creators are making 6 figures off newsletters. Here’s how they built their audiences from scratch”

Nieman Lab: “Discourse Blog is leaving Substack to start its own site” & “Subscriptions start working for the middle

Columbia Journalism Review: “The Substackerati” & “Talking objectivity in journalism with Jack Mirkinson”

“That Aleksander and his team are doing the bold thing of launching a media startup in 2020 is laudable enough, but on top of that they’re doing it in an intriguing new way. […] The site’s writing, in classic ex-Gawker fashion, is sharp, smart, opinionated and funny, and it should be reason enough for them to succeed.”

Mark Stenberg, Medialyte

Digiday: “How Substack has spawned a new class of newsletter entrepreneurs” 

The New Republic: “Is Email the Future of Journalism?”  

Substack: “What’s next for journalists?”

Deez Links: “Deez Interviews: Aleksander Chan, on Discourse Blog’s journey and identity as a newsletter + how ‘it feels purer’ this way”

Medialyte: “Vibe Check With Aleksander Chan”

Welcome to Hellworld: “In media if you haven’t been laid off it’s just that you haven’t been laid off yet”

Media Appearances

Doug Henwood, Rose Adams & Jack Mirkinson – 06-22-21” — The Nomiki Show

Casual Friday w/ Benjamin Dixon & Paul Blest – MR Live – 3/19/21” — Majority Report with Sam Seder

February 16, 2021” — Sam Grasso on The Mehdi Hasan Show

“7/3 Casual Friday w/ Alex Pareene & Jack Crosbie” — Majority Report with Sam Seder

TDR Live: Mitch McConnell Thrown to the Wolves After Questioning Trump” — The Young Turks

The Unnatural Endurance of Bipartisanship” — The New Republic’s “The Politics of Everything”

Sam Grasso on The Mehdi Hasan Show

“Is Elon Musk a Fraud?” — The Intercept’s Deconstructed

“#7 – Ken Klippenstein, Miles Klee, Aleks Chan – Stormtroopers in PDX, Cancel Culture Grifting, The Discourse Blog” — Nights & Weekends