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Just Some Things I’m Laughing At Today

It's helping!

Trump maga fans sing and hold signs

As I move through the stations of grief (streaming, utter despair, numbness, and now settling into a kind of numb-funk), I look for small points of light to lift my spirits ever so slightly, or at least to distract me from the fact that this country is dumb as hell. As it stands, the worse man is losing, but the race hasn’t been called yet, and the political reality as it looks right now (knocks on wood) is Joe Biden winning with a slim margin—some mandate!—and a Republican Senate helmed by Mitch McConnell. Oh, and don’t forget the Supreme Court, which is basically now just another Federalist Society clubhouse. Everything only gets worse, the speed at which it happens is the only thing in question.

Anyway!! Here are a few blips on the radar that are helping, just a little.

First, this clip circulating of one of Donald Trump’s spiritual advisers apparently doing “prayer” to help him get re-elected, in this case by having a mental break with reality.

“FOR ANGELS HAVE EVEN BEEN DISPATCHED FROM AFRICA RIGHT NOW, AFRICA RIGHT NOW, AFRICA RIGHT NOW….THEY’RE COMING HERE, THEY’RE COMING HERE, FROM AFRICA, FROM SOUTH AMERICA” really does it for me. Another high point my colleague Jack pointed out: that guy just walking back and forth like he’s practicing a line read for a Cottonelle commercial?? Bizarre vid all around!!!!

Here’s another one:

It was always sky-is-blue obvious that, if it wasn’t looking good for Trump, his campaign was going to cry VOTER FRAUD. But here’s Ric Grenell’s latest argument, which still strikes me as a novel one: “ballots versus legal votes. That’s what we’re talking about.” Ballots versus… votes. Ballots, the piece of paper you vote with, is apparently not a “legal vote” anymore. Absolutely incredible! Soon they’ll be arguing that any ballot cast in any form in a state Biden has won is “illegal” somehow.

And one more as a light palate cleanse.

“Legal votes matter” and trying and failing to sing “God Bless America.” It’s no “Solidarity Forever,” but for these desperate lost souls clinging to the Titanic door that is a Trump win, it’s all they’ve got left.