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Well my friends, here we are, together in these final hours of what has been an incredible journey for all of us these past four years: surviving as best we could the fully toxic and disastrous Trump administration. At the risk of tempting fate in these last waning moments of Donald Trump’s control over the country’s nuclear arsenal, I say to you all: congratulations making it through political equivalent of Calvinball, only much more racist.

In these moments of transition, I find it helpful to not only look ahead at what the future has to offer (by all indications, some absolute unforgivable bullshit) but also to examine what we’re leaving behind.

I’ll leave it to other bloggers to dissect the societal ~ impact ~ of all this, and to share their deeply-reasoned, well-thought-out impressions of Where We Go From Here. We have the rest of our lives to grapple with the fallout of what we’ve all experienced, so today I want to savor the little moments that made the past four years so extra special. That’s right, for Office Hours this week, let’s take an incredibly dumb jog down the worst parts of memory lane, and share some of those small, subtle moments that made the Trump era so unbelievably stupid. I’m talkin’ “hello captain!,” and cabinet-level officials making underlings buy used mattresses from Trump Hotel, and that time Sean Spicer tried to talk about “Holocaust centers” and then had to make four separate clarifications in a single afternoon.

Those are the moments I’m going to miss, and which I want to revel in, one last time, before the clock strikes 12:01 PM tomorrow and the hordes of #Resistance tweeters start patting themselves on the back and saying “this IS normal!”

So here we go, friends. Let’s celebrate those good, dumb, insane moments that defined the past four years in ways we might never fully understand. It’s the last Office Hours of the Trump Administration. Make it count.