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Here is a tweet from first daughter and very qualified White House employee Ivanka Trump.

The hilarity of comparing her dad-boss’ gigantic noggin to a chunk of granite notwithstanding, Ivanka inadvertently makes an interesting point: at some point in the not-too-distant future, we’re absolutely going to have to contend with a very real effort to memorialize Donald Trump with some sort of statue or monument or — if there’s any justice — a specially dedicated superfund site. And no, I’m not talking about the Trump presidential library, which is going to be a shitshow in and of itself, I’m sure. I’m talking about the die-hard MAGA chuds who are going to raise a massive stink (and money) to build a dedicated shrine to their flaxen-coiffed godhead.

So in an effort to get ahead of the inevitable Trump Monument movement, I turn to you, dear readers, to submit your own ideas for whatever obelisk or monolith or effigy you’d like to see erected in his ignominious honor. The more specific, the better. Size, shape, material…dig deep, folks, and let your creative juices flow free. Hell, just draw a picture and post that if you’re artistically inclined!

Look, a Trump monument is going to happen. It’s gonna suck. Let’s have some fun with it while we can. It’s Office Hours, folks. Let’s get weird.