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Office Hours

Office Hours: Don’t Mask, Don’t Tell

Now that the vaccine is starting to flow, let's call out some assholes.

"COVID-19 Vancouver's largest protest, April 26th 2020" by GoToVan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If everything goes according to plan (which, these days, is frankly asking quite a lot of the universe) by the time you read these words, my parents will have gotten their first dose of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine, and will be on their way to something resembling a reflection of the faded afterimage of what once constituted “normal life.”

Hey, it’s a start.

As you might imagine, after a year of having conversations with my folks through their living room window, I’m pretty excited to see them get the jab. But honestly, the closer we slowly slouch toward putting this whole thing in our collective rearview mirror, the angrier and angrier I get at the assortment of overzealous glory hogs, deranged death cultists, and chest-thumping freedom lovers who’ve done everything in their power to sabotage our getting to this point.

This week for Office Hours, I thought we could have ourselves a good ol’ fashioned “fuck you” fest — a regular down-home venting session at the worst pandemic offenders we’ve seen so far. Were you stuck behind a maskless asshole at the grocery checkout? Or maybe some curiously well-funded small business owner in your city kept their bar, or gym, or barbershop open just long enough to get the local news to give ’em some free advertisement? Perhaps you were on hand for a grown-ass adult throwing a temper tantrum when they were politely denied entry into a Target or Whole Foods? As bad as the pandemic has been, there’s always some jerk trying to make it worse. So let’s give them their due, yeah?

The vaccine is starting to flow. Let the hate flow too.

It’s Office Hours. NARC away, folks.