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One of the stranger parts of working from home during all t h i s is that I’ve begun listening to the radio more than I have in years. Not podcasts, or Spotify playlists, but actual honest to god DJs playing songs — some I know, some I’ve never heard before — entirely at random.

Folks, it’s great. And yet…

Where the hell is this year’s song of the summer? You know, the one track you hear blasting out of every car and open apartment window on repeat from June to September? Do we even get a song of the summer this year? We sure as shit deserve one! Yes, there have been some pretty good songs put out these past few months, but nothing to take the top slot as the track of the summer — the one that will be inextricably bound with our hazy memories of the pandemic’s un-time.

So what’s it gonna be folks? Song of the summer. I want one. Gimmie your best suggestions. Let’s get funky.

Update, 5:23 PM: Well, I don’t know if we came up with the song of the summer, but we certainly listed a whole bunch of good ass music. As always, if you’ve got something more to add, drop it in the comments below. Otherwise, we’ll see you next week!

Pic via Rhino