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As a wise man once said: “oh no it’s today.” And folks, it sure is. This is the day we’ve all been waiting for and dreading in equal measure — our first chance to see the most important septuagenarians in the country stand a few feet apart and just yell inanities at one another for a full hour and a half. Have you ever seen two old men argue over a parking spot? It’ll be like that, only we’re the parking spot (also, this’ll probably get a little more racist).

Since Discourse Blog is going all in on the debates tonight (I’ll see you in the subscribers-only chat, right? Right??) I thought this week’s Office Hours could serve as something of a forschpice, an appetizer, or even an apéritif if you will, for this evening’s guaranteed shit show. So I ask you: What’s the worst that could happen? Literally, what is the absolute worst thing you can feasibly imagine taking place on tonight’s debate stage? It’s two men deep into their 70s arguing about who deserves unimaginable power over hundreds of millions of people. What could go wrong?

Update, 5:24 PM: I don’t know about you folks, but after this, I think I’m fully prepared for the absolute worst tonight… And now that I’ve actually typed those words and put that sentiment out into the universe, I wonder what unforeseeable terrors actually await us. I can’t wait to experience whatever comes next with you all during our watch party tonight. Log in early and often!

See ya in a few!

(image via Lynch/Frost Productions, Propaganda Films, Spelling Television)