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It may be hard to believe, but as of today, summer is officially over, and we once again find ourselves at the dawning of decorative gourd season, motherfuckers.

Time sure flies when you’re having a crushing sense of impending doom!

Given that we’ve reached the pinnacle of the seasonal roller coster, after which comes a brief, thrilling period of autumnal glee, followed by smothering winter depression, I’ve been thinking a lot about regrets. Staring down the barrel of a Minnesota winter (okay, so it’s 80 degrees here today, but bear with me) means there’s plenty of time to wallow in remorse and rue over all the screw-ups of the past year. The fact I still have enough mental muscle memory enough to remember that Yom Kippur is coming up in a matter of days probably has something to do with this, too.

So, spend a minute looking forlornly out your window as the leaves change color and fall dead to the ground, and then ask yourself: With summer in our collective rearview mirror, what’s my biggest regret of the past few months? What did I fuck up, or forget to do this summer? How badly did I botch that ~ whatever ~ of mine?

There’s guts what need spillin’, folks, so let’s get to commiserating. Office Hours are open.

Update, 5:20 PM – Well, look at us. Putting all our broken hopes and incomplete dreams out there on the table like real champs. As far as Office Hours go, I regret nothing.

(pic via Relativity Media, StudioCanal, Working Title Films, Mike Zoss Productions)