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Great News: Maskless NYPD Cops Could Get the Vaccine Super Early

Cops have flouted COVID rules all year, so of course they're being given early access to a vaccine.

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New York City police officers have had a great 2020. They’ve applied social distancing measures with their typical brutal racism. They’ve flouted mask mandates so much that NYPD brass was forced to intervene due to public outrage. They’ve tried to get away with outrageous, brazen lies about the threats to their safety. They embarked on a prolonged campaign of systematic violence against protesters during this summer’s Black liberation uprising, which included ripping people’s masks off.

For this behavior, the NYPD is being rewarded with potential early access to the COVID vaccine. From the New York Post on Wednesday:

The NYPD will start offering the COVID-19 vaccine to its force within two weeks, The Post has learned.

The department’s medical unit will set up three locations — Floyd Bennet Field, Rodman’s Neck Outdoor Range and Flushing Meadow Park Aquatic Center — to administer the Moderna vaccine to officers who want it starting Dec. 29, according to a memo obtained by The Post.

The officers as first-responders are part of the first group to have access to the initial batch of more than a half-million doses in New York, but it will not be mandatory.

It’s always nice to see people who really deserve help getting it, right? Personally, I would like to see the cops who have made so many people’s lives miserable have to wait in line with the rest of us to be given a ticket out of this thing, but that’s just me—though I am somewhat swayed by the notion that NYPD cops are such a constant threat to public health that it’s good for them to get the vaccine a little earlier.

Here’s the even wilder part: while the general public is completely cut off from the kind of special treatment that police officers could be getting getting, the cops are preparing to spurn the vaccine. From the Post again:

The Police Benevolent Association has come out as being opposed to mandatory immunization and sources told the Post they were wary of the vaccine, which was authorized for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration on Friday.

“People aren’t sure about the vaccine,” a detective with two decades on the force said. “I don’t take the flu shot. So if I don’t take the flu shot I’m damn sure not taking this.” 

Another source said he’d “probably get it” but others may not right away.

“I’m hearing guys are waiting for the first round to go through,” he said.

“I don’t take the flu shot. So if I don’t take the flu shot I’m damn sure not taking this.” A public-spirited member of the force there, displaying his (the gender isn’t technically specified but lol, come on) care for his wider community. Yeah, fuck the COVID shot! There are cab drivers and small business owners and laid-off parents and homeless people and so many millions more who would gladly line up for a jab, but fortunately for them, some cops who couldn’t even be bothered to wear masks for months have the chance to turn their noses up far in advance. This is why New Yorkers hand the cops so many billions every year.

Update, 3:45 p.m. ET: Yes!!!!! Exactly!!!!