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Nancy Pelosi, Friend of Billionaires, Against Taxing Billionaires For Some Reason

She officiated a Getty family wedding, and also reportedly cast a proposed tax increase on the rich as a 'publicity stunt.'

ivy getty and nancy pelosi

It’s been a busy week for the powerful and wealthy! If you’re Ivy Getty (feel free to subscribe at the Oligarch tier, babes!) you possibly dealt with the most minor of blowback in response to Vogue publishing the photos from your luxurious wedding, held at City Hall in San Francisco.

The photos (personal phones were locked up pre-show, I wonder why?) show a veritable who’s who of people who would be the first to go in a revolution: royals, business scions, and rich internet celebrities among them. But this is a politics blog, so let’s take a look at the politicians who were there, hmmm? According to Vogue (emphasis mine):

“San Francisco’s City Hall is designed to inspire awe—a symbol of the city’s power and resilience after the devastating 1906 earthquake and fire, with its white marble detailing and soaring dome that looms more than 300 feet overhead,” Hamish notes. “But despite the architectural magnificence—and the panoply of state, with Nancy Pelosi officiating and Governor Newsom and Mayor Breed in attendance—the ceremony managed to feel extraordinarily intimate and personal, with Tobias’s charming vows and his passionate kiss that dislodged Ivy’s crown!”

Oh no, her literal crown was dislodged! And yes, “the panoply of state” turned out to fete the young heiress: The Speaker of the House—whose net worth is anywhere between $66 and $316 million—officiated, and both the governor of the state and the mayor of San Francisco were present for the nuptials. Love wins!! But unfortunately, for mysterious reasons, raising taxes on the wealthy does not!!

Here’s a completely unrelated news item, reported by the Washington Post‘s Jeff Stein today, about the Democrats’ inability to raise taxes on the wealthy because of other Democrats. Per the paper:

The Biden administration also agreed to pull a proposed tax in late October targeting 700 billionaires after it faced criticism from a number of top Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), who complained in one phone call with senior party officials on Oct. 26 that the plan amounted to a publicity stunt, two people familiar with the matter said. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) also raised substantive objections to the plan.

Imagine: a publicity stunt your supporters would actually like, what a departure that would be! But setting that aside, how craven do you have to be to smear an effort by YOUR PARTY’S PRESIDENT to mildly raise taxes on the extremely wealthy to fund things people like as a “publicity stunt”?

Are these two news items related? I’ll leave that to you to decide.