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The Economy

My Rent Is Still Due So Please Don’t Praise Andrew Cuomo In My Presence

It’s the first of the month, and my rent is due. Actually, my landlords didn’t even wait until April began to remind me that I owe a lot of money to them this month. They slid the rent bill under my door on March 31st.

I live in New York City, and my rent is…a lot! Even when I had a very well-paid job, roughly half of my income went straight to the landlord. Now that my income comes in the form of unemployment checks, that figure has increased to roughly 100 percent. I work in an industry that is already starting to be decimated by the coronavirus pandemic, so I’m not expecting to get another full-time job any time soon. It’s not super fun.

In other news, Andrew Cuomo, the man so many of you seem to love for some reason, is refusing to suspend rents during the coronavirus pandemic. He gave homeowners relief, but not renters, even though, to pick a fact at random, two-thirds of New York City residents are renters. Cuomo has signed an eviction moratorium for three months, but the rent will still be due at some point even if people don’t pay it right away, and Cuomo has no problem with that. The government could, I don’t know, take a bunch of money from some Mike Bloomberg types to help cover the cost of suspending rents, but it won’t. Oh well, I guess all of the increasingly desperate people who lost their jobs and can’t pay their rent will figure it out.

Cuomo is also trying to push several vile things through in the New York state budget right now, including cuts to Medicaid (in the middle of a pandemic!) and horrible changes to the recently reformed bail laws.

But at least Cuomo put up an inspirational quote from Winston Churchill in his slideshow today. Thanks guy!