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Mother Nature Is Taking Back What Is Rightfully Hers

I have been consistently indoors for 28 days now, and if I am sure of anything, it is that humans are the scourge of the earth and it is a very good thing for the world that we are no longer allowed to be outdoors ravaging the planet. Yes, I am very smart.

Just look at these animals! They’re friends with each other! Where was this before the social distancing of the pandemic?? This is proof that we, the people, are the real virus, etc. etc.

Goats taking over empty streets. You go, goats. Show us how terrible we are for having paved over your land in the first place — not that we have any examples of this in relation to real people, no way. And not to mention that those people there are no examples about knew how to live sustainably, because this is not the point that I’m making. The point that I’m making is — people? Bad!

As God the Mother intended…

Wow. How dare us, the people, have kept this whale and this penguin apart for so long. Proof nature is fixing what is broken (their hearts).

My heart is whole seeing the world heal this way.

You, you may say I’m a dreamer / But I’m not the only one! — John Lennon and also me about dinosaurs taking back the night

One small step for Shamu and Isabelle from Animal Crossing, one giant leap for ecofascism and white supremacy.

Anyway, please send this post and the above link to your father next time he texts you news about air pollution clearing with a comment like, “And we still have cows!”