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Please Save the ‘View’ Ladies From Meghan McCain

An EGOT winner is being held hostage by John McCain's daughter!

Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain fight on The View

It’s been a few months since we checked in on iconic, Discourse Blog-endorsed morning show The View. How’s it going???

Ah, ok. The context barely matters here, but if you must know, the show was discussing Joe Biden’s somewhat dickish behavior towards a CNN reporter after his meeting with Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. Whoopi liked that Biden apologized later, Meghan did NOT care, and kept interjecting noisily to declare that she did not care, and Whoopi responded, and that brings us to up to date.

What comes through in this clip, far more than the issue at hand, is that The View is systematically being turned over to one overriding element: Meghan McCain, and the seething hatred Meghan McCain engenders. Whoopi has been very upfront about the mercenary, transactional nature of her relationship to the show, and even she cannot just coast along. Meghan is such a constant headache that Whoopi must swoop down and strike.

This cannot be fun for anyone involved, except maybe Meghan, who clearly delights in her role as instigator and villain. But is this really what Whoopi Goldberg is getting out of bed every day to do? Get yelled at by Meghan McCain? Put these ladies out of their misery! An EGOT winner is being held hostage by John McCain’s daughter! (Now there’s irony for you.) Someone free Whoopi from Meghan’s clutches, and do it quick.