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The U.S. Government Is Still Out Here Trying to Do MLK Tweets

It's MLK Day, so naturally every branch of the government is embarrassing itself.

Martin Luther King Jr Day tweets by government accounts including the U.S. Army, ICE and the Department of Defense
Screenshots via Twitter

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Anyone who has studied King beyond whitewashed elementary school lessons on “nonviolent protest” knows that his ideas about Black liberation and broader change in America were multidimensional, involving things such as his call for the abolition of poverty with the Poor People’s Campaign, and his opposition to violent U.S. colonialism in the Vietnam War.

They may also know that the FBI heavily spied on, blackmailed, and otherwise antagonized King, and that the agency was hellbent on discrediting and destroying him, and subsequently the movements he helped foster. Part of that effort included allegations that King was unfaithful to his wife, and newer allegations that he assisted during a sexual assault. These allegations create a more complicated picture of King’s personal life, but they also underscore the depth of the government’s pursuit of him during his lifetime.

Unrelated to the above and apropos of nothing, I present to you a very interesting and not at all relevant collection of tweets made by official federal government agencies and officials in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.,:

And a few tweets that haven’t been owned into the sun, but deserve recognition nonetheless…

And while the FBI has been oddly silent on MLK Day, people are nonetheless responding to the agency’s tweet from last year.

Just, pure *chef’s kiss*.