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Let the Golf Carts Fight

The War of the Villages rages on.

Back at Splinter, we had a lot of fun with the “tags” option in the Kinja system. It let us put a label on stories to help with SEO and website organization and just shape the tone of a piece a little bit right off the bat. Anyway, my favorite one that I made during my short time there was a tag which was just “It is Friday Please Let Us Have Fun.” So, in that vein: It Is Friday Please Let Us Have Fun.

The fun in this case is this video.

The Villages, if you remember from the insane news cycle of uhhh… two months ago, is the retirement community in Florida that held a golf cart Trump rally/parade where one driver shouted “white power.” The president later retweeted the video and then took it down when people were like “uhhh that guy’s saying ‘white power.’”

That episode was sparked by a heroic elderly Black Lives Matter protester telling the Trump Carters they were racist, so clearly there are some deep political divisions in the Villages. If you dig a little deeper, you can find this incredible local news report on a man in the area with an anti-Trump golf cart who was physically threatened. 

What I believe is going overlooked in this story is that a war for the Villages would absolutely whip ass.

Yes… Yess! Hahaha yes! Let them fight!! I mean look at these things! The one with full tinted windows!! The little “meep meep” horns! You can FEEL the Joementum baby!!

Here’s some more photos:

At one point in this mini-story that I have been obsessively following on Twitter, someone tried to do Analysis, which I will not accept. Get out of here!

Here’s my Analysis, baby: Old people fucking love Biden! You know what else they love? Fucking golf carts!

This is direct action! This one parade of little meeping electric vehicles is more consequential than the entire DNC. What’s next? A Joe boat parade? Joe-Boats? Let’s fucking make it happen! We must fight them on land and fight them at sea! If the Boomers want to go on and on about how much they love the Greatest Generation, well, this is their chance. Arm the golf carts! Fight back the tides of fascism that have already swept onto our shores! This is what Florida is FOR. Onward to battle!