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Stop Asking James Carville Things

His latest moronic comments are the millionth reminder that we do not need him!

James Carville at Politicon in 2016.
Gage Skidmore

For some reason, Vox has published an interview with “political strategist” James Carville. In it, Carville says the same kind of stuff he’s been saying for ages: Democrats are too woke! Joe Sixpack hates their elite ways! Saying “defund the police” is really dumb! Yada yada yada.

Then, he says this (h/t Michael Hobbes):

Let me give you my favorite example of metropolitan, overeducated arrogance. Take the climate problem. Do you realize that climate is the only major social or political movement that I can think of that refuses to use emotion? Where’s the identifiable song? Where’s the bumper sticker? Where’s the slogan? Where’s the flag? Where’s the logo?

We don’t have it because with faculty politics what you do is appeal to reason. You don’t need the sloganeering and sound bites. That’s for simple people. All you need are those timetables and temperature charts, and from that, everyone will just get it.

Fucking what? Climate change has no emotion? “The planet and everyone in it is going to die” is pretty emotional you moron! The leading advocate around climate change in the world today is an 18-year-old girl whose chief method is to shout at politicians about how terrible they are. Is that a chart? James Carville’s solution for the climate movement is….a song? “Wow, Ariana Grande sang ‘I Love the Earth’ and now Shell is going out of business, we did it folks.” This is not a serious person!

It is a self-evidently ridiculous comment, but it raises a bigger question: why is anyone asking James Carville for his opinions? This is a gross, grifting, frequently wrong millionaire who has dined out on a single successful campaign for nearly 30 years, and continues to haunt us because….well, I can’t think of a reason!

This was James Carville’s mega-genius intervention in the 2020 race. From WMUR (emphasis mine):

James Carville, the veteran political strategist known as the architect of former President Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, is formally endorsing Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet on Monday, calling Bennet “uniquely suited for New Hampshire.” […]

“This is John Kennedy recloned,” Carville said last summer. “You can’t get any better than this guy.”

“I’m for Michael Bennet. I’m not even being cute about it,” Carville said in December. “He’s going to succeed by his resolve, by his knowledge, by his depth, by his politeness, his humanity. That’s what people want.”

Bennet came in 11th in New Hampshire—getting 0.3 percent of the vote, fewer than some write-in candidates—and dropped out of the presidential race immediately. Score one for famed political wizard James Carville!

It is really, really not necessary to discuss politics with James Carville, especially around something like climate change. Ask literally anyone else.