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A Deep Dive Into Israel’s Fully Cursed Twitter Account

Israel's posters are working overtime—and the results are both strange and chilling.

Screenshot via Israel/Twitter; Remix by Samantha Grasso

Hell hath no fury like a state-sponsored social media account trying to get their besties to understand why supporting a group of oppressed people is harmful and bad and wrong for them personally!!


Palestinian Lives Don’t Matter to Joe Biden

On Monday, the state of Israel’s very millennial-vibing Twitter account took it upon itself to try and make some sort of statement about the recent violence in the country.

Ha ha ha, real cool tweet you made there! Is this supposed to mean something about Israel sending out airstrikes? Who are those rockets for? It’s almost like Israel is done feigning its victim role and has completely come clean as the aggressor and oppressor in this so-called “conflict!”

Oh neat, it continues… How far does this thread really go?

(Nine more similar tweets and several finger scrolls later)

OH ok, ok. This isn’t about Israel’s aggression but about Hamas’ rocket attacks on Israel.

God, sure seems like Hamas has done an awful lot of damage… However, in just over a week since Israel began its most recent onslaught of airstrikes and police violence, 10 Israeli citizens have died, according to the IDF. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported that at least 1,235 Palestinians have been injured. Another 197 Palestinians have been killed, including at least 58 children.

For all that firepower, Israel sure appears to be doing a better job at surviving these attacks by Hamas than Palestinians are from Israel’s. I wonder why that is? Hmm, what could the official State of Israel Twitter account be leaving out of this very illustrative attempt at “giving us all some perspective” on the rockets hitting Israel? Surely there’s got to be some reason they have survived all these rockets so much? Maybe some sort of security measure that has the ability to take on such unsophisticated technology in large quantities??

Oh, right. Well, nevertheless!

It is, at the very least, alarming but unsurprising that Israel’s Twitter account would be willfully misrepresenting the de facto rules of engagement between Hamas and Israel. But perhaps the strangest thing about that whole Twitter thread was its tone. And this isn’t the first time Israel has tried to “clap back” this past week. Here are just a few more overly-friendly messages about airstrikes and rockets that exude a real “Instagram influencer seeking refuge from their fandom amid being called out for being problematic” vibes:

It’s as if someone who was running Israel’s official TikTok account (yes, it exists) came to the grand realization that what their Twitter presence needed was a bit of friendly fun pumped into its intentional misrepresentations of the situation in Israel and Palestine. The TikTok has only been running since February, but it has proven to be a real innovator in propaganda.

The “diversity” and “coexistence” under the “what I like” portion of the song? Pure chef’s kiss.

All these screenshots of glowing reports on Israel’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts with NONE of the context on their exclusion of Palestinians? We love it!


Hamas rockets from #Gaza take 15 seconds to HIT AND KILL.Would you make it?#IsraelUnderAttack

♬ original sound – @Israel

Now we get to one from the past week—and once again, Israel is fanning concerns over Hamas’ rockets with zero explanation of the Iron Dome. But it gets better! Like any good state-sponsored social media presence, the people behind Israel’s accounts are getting in line for a little old-fashioned cancel culture, setting their sights on, lol, Bella Hadid. How dare Hadid advocate for the liberation of Palestine and for, uhh, somehow, pushing millions of Jews into the sea?


This is for Bella Hadid. Matching alongside Palestinians advocating to throw Jews into the sea isn’t a good look. Even for a supermodel. #Israel #fyp

♬ Pain That Lasts – Jacob Yoffee

The daughter of a Palestinian supports Palestine — big, big surprise — and Israel’s official social media accounts have in turn accused her of supporting the ethnic cleansing of Jews — another big surprise.

You may be asking yourself, dear reader, if Israel’s English social media presence is this vapid and petty, then how does their Arabic language Twitter account fare? Well, pretty damn badly!

How senselessly cruel.

Of course, the state propaganda machine takes no days off. And in any other situation, from one poster to another, I would suggest the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ digital-diplomacy team, which runs the English @Israel account, consider logging off. BUT instead I am glad that the people who run these accounts for Israel appear to have developed a rare form of Posters Brain from being entirely Too Online while in defense of state-sponsored violence. Because if accusing Bella Hadid of supporting the extermination of Jews is the freshest take they’ve got in their anti-Palestine arsenal, their posts can only go downhill from here.