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Shocker: Hillary Clinton Wants a Pointless War to Continue

Warmongers gonna warmonger!

Hillary Clinton speaking at the 2020 DNC
Joe Biden

Hillary Clinton. Name ring a bell? Big-time politician, real power, ran some presidential campaigns, famously did not win? Yes, that Hillary Clinton. She’s still here! And she’s throwing her influence around in a great way. From Axios on Thursday:

Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice told members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee they’re worried about President Biden’s plan to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan, with Rice suggesting the U.S. may need to go back, Axios has learned. […]

“We had Secretaries Clinton and Condi Rice Zoom today with the committee,” one committee member told Axios. “A little disagreement on Afghanistan, but they both agreed we’re going to need to sustain a counterterrorism mission somehow outside of that country.”[…]

Another member of the committee confirmed both Clinton and Rice raised concerns about the potential fallout from a quick removal of all U.S. troops.

Ah, there’s the Hillary Clinton we know and love—the one who never met a war she didn’t want to continue until the end of time; the one who backed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the hilt and led the charge for America to get into Libya (that one really worked out great!); the one who proudly cozied up to Henry Kissinger.

The funny thing about this—if you can call an attempt to undermine an exit from a pointless war that has caused untold damage over literal decades funny—is that Clinton shouldn’t worry too much. There’s no chance the U.S. will actually “leave” Afghanistan in the sense that normal people would define it. We’ll hang around forever, just, y’know, off the books. But that is not enough for the Hillary Clintons of the world. Never change.