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Murderer Says He Feels ‘Deep Sadness’ Watching Victim’s Funeral

George W. Bush shut the fuck up about Afghanistan!

George W. Bush talks about the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan
DW News

On Monday, former president George W. Bush issued a statement about the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan—a crisis which was caused in large part by George W. Bush.

“Laura and I have been watching the tragic events unfolding in Afghanistan with deep sadness,” Bush, who made the initial decision to invade Afghanistan in 2001, thus plunging both the U.S. and Afghanistan into a bloody 20-year quagmire, wrote.

“Our hearts are heavy for both the Afghan people who have suffered so much and for the Americans and NATO allies who have sacrificed so much,” Bush, whose forces, among other things, tortured and killed Afghan prisoners, continued.

“Many of you deal with wounds of war, both visible and invisible. And some of your brothers and sisters in arms made the ultimate sacrifice in the war on terror. Each day, we have been humbled by your commitment and your courage. You took out a brutal enemy and denied Al Qaeda a safe haven while building schools, sending supplies, and providing medical care. You kept America safe from further terror attacks, provided two decades of security and opportunity for millions, and made America proud,” Bush, who kick-started a war that was so criminally misguided, mishandled, and futile that it ended exactly where it had started—with the Taliban in power—added.

“In times like these, it can be hard to remain optimistic. Laura and I will steadfastly remain so. Like our country, Afghanistan is also made up of resilient, vibrant people,” Bush—who, along with Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden, presided over a war that cost hundreds of thousands of resilient, vibrant Afghans their lives, and whose government continually lied to the world about how badly that war was going—went on.

“Let us all resolve to be united in saving lives and praying for the people of Afghanistan,” Bush, who, far from saving lives, is responsible for the deaths of millions of people, concluded.