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People Are Out of Their Goddamned Minds and It’s Bumming Me Out

The worst part of the Trump era #Resistance grift lives on in the psychotic online defense of Andrew Cuomo.


Perhaps it’s because we’ve all been locked inside for the past 366 days, or perhaps it’s because living through the four years of #Resistance conspiracy grifting has warped everyone’s psyches beyond repair, or maybe it’s just because we’re a deeply cursed, incredibly stupid species to begin with. Whatever the reason, each successive call for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign over his many, many, many, many, many, many allegations of sexual harassment and assault has inspired some of the most profoundly depressing shit from the lunatic not-so-fringes of Lib-twitter that I’ve seen since the Krassenbros spilled glue over the FBI.

Here’s a horrifying sample of what I’m talking about, straight from the heart of the worst part of the most chaotic and unhinged section of Twitter: the replies — specifically, in this case, the replies to various congressional calls for Cuomo to step down.

It goes on and on and on. Seriously, look for yourself if you have the stomach for it. I mean, at least vestigial #resistance grifter-cum-paid Democratic party operative Brooklyn Dad Defiant had the good sense to delete and apologize for his reality-unmoored speculation about the “TIMING” of the allegations against Cuomo — but not until a sizable portion of his over 800,000 Twitter followers saw…this:

Does it?

Have people lost their fucking minds? What sort of diseased politics-brain looks at what’s happening and says “you know what, I’m gonna stick my whole entire neck out for Andrew fucking Cuomo“? How does this happen? Truly this is the inevitable conclusion to the Stockholm Syndrome hold Cuomo — a man born into unimaginable power and privilege — has held over his constituents for the past year. It’s evidently easier for some people to concoct a Pepe Silvia scenario simply to justify their support for a man who can lie about not being “part of a political club” in one breath, only to talk about his lifetime of being in politics with the next.

Andrew Cuomo does not care about you (doubly so if you’re in a nursing home)! And yet there are still so many people who are absolutely salivating at the chance to lie down in front of a train for him. One way or another, this dude’s gotta go. The optimist in me would like to think he’s gonna go sooner rather than later, too. But in the meantime, all this shit is just bumming me out.