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Bad Online

Consider This Chris Cuomo Tweet

So much happening here.

Chris Cuomo talking on his CNN show

Let us look at this tweet from Chris Cuomo.

As you can see, Chris Cuomo tweeted this picture of an arm (presumably his) in response to someone saying, “you’re gonna break your arm jerking yourself off.” That was in response to this tweet from Cuomo:

OK, that’s the background. Some thoughts here:

—Is Chris Cuomo asking the Twitter person to assess whether he got his bicep from masturbating a lot? How is someone supposed to make that assessment in the context-free environment of Twitter?

—Does CNN like the fact that Chris Cuomo is wearing a CNN shirt while responding to this masturbation-related question?

—Think about this and there are lots of steps involved. You have to see the tweet, form a weird response in your head, line your arm up with the camera, take a few pics, select the right pic, possibly do some cropping, then post it along with your reply. Chris Cuomo did this all in three minutes (the initial tweet landed in his inbox at 10:18 a.m. and his reply came at 10:21).

—Chris Cuomo has 2.1 million followers. Uncle Ruckus, the person who tweeted at him, has 26. How online do you have to be to be a multimillionaire TV anchor with 2.1 million followers, see some tweet from a rando with 26 followers, and instantly drop everything to take a picture of your bicep so you can dunk on the person with 26 followers—and do all of that within three minutes?

—Has Chris Cuomo considered that, instead of spending his time on activities like this, he try not being corrupt as hell and/or peddling police propaganda?