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Mercy is Only For the Turkeys

There is no pomp and splendor in death, but there is power.

Donald Trump pardons a turkey.

What If Politicians Actually Tried Solving Problems

If we only wait until something is politically popular, we'll all be dead.

Cops Do a Big Lie About Philly Protests, Immediately Get Caught

Cops are willfully lying to distort the media narrative about the protests. This is completely normal.

Congrats to This Piece of Shit

You don't get points for being one of the better fascists.

‘You Need to Be Alarmed’

Discourses with: a non-binary, Black director of two Southern abortion funds.

A pair of arms holding up a retro "keep abortion legal NOW" sign against some trees, the photo edited into a orange and yellow combination

Pour One Out for the CIA

America's intelligence agencies are having a rough time. Thank god for Joe Biden!

Amy Coney Barrett Is Also Horrible on Racial Justice

Inside a lesser-known, very disturbing part of the Supreme Court nominee’s record.


What ‘Law and Order’ Really Means

The message is coming from all sides: it's time to bring Black people into line.

Black Lives Matter on the Picket Line

Striking New Orleans sanitation workers fight for respect. 


DNC Night 1: Good Cop Good Cop

Democrats spent the first night of their convention papering over their participation in the police state.

The System Is Back

The message is clear: The adults have returned. They'll take it from here. So shut the hell up.

Send Us Your Stories of Police Violence at Protests

If you were a victim of police brutality while protesting over the past few months, we want to hear about it.

Please, Fuck Off: Edward Blum

The devil works hard but this guy works harder.

The Feds Aren’t That Good at Keeping Their Cops a Secret

Why conceal anything when the law won't do anything to stop you?

Business As Usual

We now return to our regularly scheduled police brutality.

And Now, a Totally Sincere Embrace of Black Lives Matter

Even gun-toting white maniacs are trying to hide behind the slogan these days.

It’s Almost Like Cops Lie All the Time

So maybe don't mindlessly repeat what they say over and over again??

Discourses With: Two Texas Mutual Aid Organizers

What it's like to do mutual aid in the middle of a pandemic and an uprising.

Don’t Be Fooled

Protesters can't be swayed by Democratic promises of 'reform.' The system has to go.

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