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How Cori Bush Exposed the Endless Cruelty of Transphobes

Rep. Cori Bush shared her encounters with medical racism, and enraged a swath of transphobes in the process.

Cori Bush testifies about Black maternal mortality before the Committee on Oversight and Reform

The CIA’s Woke Video Is the Definition of Evil

The mind-blowing video shows the agency has the same goal it always did: destroying popular movements.

A screenshot of the woman in the CIA's controversial new video

St. Vincent Thought She Could Treat Prisons Like a Game

A controversial interview mostly shows that the artist wants to treat prisons like a toy she can wheel out whenever it suits her.

St. Vincent raising her fist in the air

The Obscenity of Nancy Pelosi’s George Floyd Comments

Her attempts to turn George Floyd into a willing martyr for America were symbolic of a destructive kind of liberalism.

Nancy Pelosi speaks about George Floyd's death.

The Hollow Relief of the Derek Chauvin Verdict

This is an exception—a self-serving, deliberate one—to the rule.


Can Our Cable News Idiots Maybe Stop Talking Forever

Hours of nothing would have been better than this Derek Chauvin coverage.

Brian Williams and Tucker Carlson

The System Is Still Broken

Don't let the Chauvin verdict convince you that things have changed.

Derek Chauvin being convicted in his murder trial

Cop News Network

CNN turned its coverage of Adam Toledo's killing almost entirely over to police sources.

Cable News
CNN's Chris Cuomo talks to the head of the Chicago police union about Adam Toledo's killing

If This Is What Fighting Asian Hate Means, I Don’t Want It

Daunte Wright's death is a reminder that we can't expect policing and surveillance to keep any of us safe.

Footage of an NYPD officer entering an Asian business as part of an initiative to increase patrols of Asian neighborhoods.

God Bless the ‘Soup for My Family’ Protester

Donald Trump's worst nightmare has been realized.


Here’s a Delightful Video of Andrew Yang Being Shamed Out of a Daunte Wright Protest

'We don't want you here!'

Andrew Yang on his bike being heckled out of a Daunte Wright protest by people pointing out that he is pro-cop

Soul Music

What have you been listening to lately?

Office Hours

You Can’t Reform This

Daunte Wright's killing shows that true justice will only come from abolition.

Minnesota state troopers holding clubs, lined up as a wall of police in Brooklyn Center amid a second night of protests against Daunte Wright's murder

The Enraging Police Defense of Daunte Wright’s Killing

You can only be satisfied with this excuse if you take several awful things for granted.

Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon speaks about Daunte Wright killing

Biden’s Gun Policy Is Only Half Cocked

Everything Biden put forward on Thursday is about as non-controversial as gun control legislation can get.

Joe Biden talks about gun control regulations

Editor of Famously Racist Magazine Has Some Thoughts on Racism

Who better to judge whether something passes the Jim Crow test than someone whose magazine played a vital role in sustaining Jim Crow to begin with?

Rich Lowry on PBS' 'Firing Line'

Derek Chauvin’s Odious Lawyer Has Some Goddamn Nerve

He actually managed to make the defense of a cop worse than usual.

Eric Nelson, attorney for George Floyd killer Derek Chauvin

This Is What a Return to Normal Looks Like

The return of high-profile gun massacres is, on some level, what it means for America to be America again.

How Things Work
Picture showing law enforcement responding to the mass shooting in Boulder, CO

The Utter Madness of Biden’s Weed Crackdown

The White House, in 2021, is firing people because they smoked weed. Unreal.

White House
joe biden marijauna

What’s Michael Barbaro’s Deal

The New York Times podcaster's framing of the Atlanta shootings is bizarre and troubling.

michael barbaro atlanta shootings
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