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How Things Work

How Things Work
How Things Work

Let Me Help CNN Out Here: We Lost the War in Afghanistan

This is not a tough question to answer.

Jim Sciutto discusses the war in Afghanistan

The Enraging Police Defense of Daunte Wright’s Killing

You can only be satisfied with this excuse if you take several awful things for granted.

Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon speaks about Daunte Wright killing

This Is What a Return to Normal Looks Like

The return of high-profile gun massacres is, on some level, what it means for America to be America again.

How Things Work
Picture showing law enforcement responding to the mass shooting in Boulder, CO

Mitch McConnell Thinks You’re Stupid

His threats about the filibuster are hollow and hypocritical even for him.


The Democrats are Addicted to Fucking This Up

Great news, folks: the checks that were already cut back are being cut back again!

joe manchin stimulus checks

There Is No Hell Hot Enough for Ted Cruz

The rage I feel as a Texan right now cannot be overstated.

ted cruz flying back from cancun

Joe Biden Had a Horrendous Answer on Canceling Student Debt

This was some tired, disingenuous, factually dubious nonsense.

White House
biden student debt

Texas Is a Failed State

What it's like to live through the hellish cold-weather crisis.

Climate Change
Billy Tweedie, a priest, walks through a group of tents surrounded by snow under an overpass in Austin to see if anyone is left staying out in the cold.

Just One Brief Example of American Cruelty

A bipartisan majority in the Senate came together to send the "message" to undocumented people that they're not welcome here.

tom cotton

All the Worst Assholes Are Here for the GameStop Debacle

Please can these people stop talking!!!

The Economy
worst gamestop reactions

Welcome to Capitalism

Wall Street's war against the GameStop traders is a reminder of who this system is really meant to protect.

The Economy
gamestop robinhood

The Do Nothing Caucus

These Senate Democrats aren't 'dealmakers.' They're cynical, useless scammers.

kyrsten sinema and joe manchin are blocking filibuster reform

Just Give People the $2000 Check You Repeatedly Promised Them Please!!!

This is not complicated.

joe biden 2000 checks

We Finally Discovered What It Will Take for Corporations to Stop Giving Republicans Money

All it took was six years and an insurrection.

Donald Trump shakes hands with Mark Zuckerberg

A Toast to the Sniveling Rats Jumping Off Trump’s Sinking Ship

These resignations are worthless.

Fever Swamp
betsy devos

The Year In Winners and Losers

The rich stay winning, the rest of us keep losing.

2020 winners and losers

The Pathetic Stimulus Won’t Be Enough to Help My Mom

She got laid off while Congress worked out how many struggling people to betray.

How Things Work
Image from page 287 of "Bell telephone magazine" (1922) of a woman operating a local switchboard

No, We Couldn’t

Barack Obama's 'A Promised Land' is a portrait of change abandoned.

Discourse Review of Books
obama review

Operation Santa: Pandemic Edition Is as Depressing as It Sounds

The bleakness at the heart of the USPS program is especially pronounced this year.

How Things Work
The top of a child's letter to Santa: "Dear Santa, I hope you are healthy and safe during COVID. What I want for..."

Why Obama’s ‘Defund the Police’ Criticism Misses the Point

We already tried 'reforming' the police. It didn't work.

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