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Please, Fuck Off: J.D. Vance

Leave it to the media's favorite "real America" hack to explain why free childcare is actually bad.

J.D. Vance speaking at the 2021 Southwest Regional Conference hosted by Turning Point USA

It’s Wild You Can Still Just Buy an Ambassadorship

The U.S. is basically the only country that works this way. Nice.


Stop Asking James Carville Things

His latest moronic comments are the millionth reminder that we do not need him!

James Carville at Politicon in 2016.

Here’s a Delightful Video of Andrew Yang Being Shamed Out of a Daunte Wright Protest

'We don't want you here!'

Andrew Yang on his bike being heckled out of a Daunte Wright protest by people pointing out that he is pro-cop

We’ve Been Sleeping on Naomi Wolf’s COVID Insanity

She's dropping some of the most unhinged nonsense in the game.

Naomi Wolf goes on Fox News to talk about COVID vaccines

Blood-Soaked Freak Bill Kristol Is at It Again

Just an insane comment here from one of America's worst people.

bill kristol cuba

People Are Out of Their Goddamned Minds and It’s Bumming Me Out

The worst part of the Trump era #Resistance grift lives on in the psychotic online defense of Andrew Cuomo.

Bad Online

How Much Should the Tooth Fairy Give Kids These Days?

Help us answer this important question.

The Discourse
tooth fairy

Don’t Believe CPAC’s Bullshit for One Second

If CPAC cared about 'reprehensible views' it would shut its entire conference down.

Fever Swamp

Andrew Cuomo Thinks We’re a Bunch of Idiots

He can't be serious with this nonsense.

andrew cuomo

The Best Reactions to Rush Limbaugh’s Death

Ding dong, the Rush is dead.

Rush Limbaugh speaking at a lectern and a screenshot of Twitter trends "Rest in Piss" and "Rush Limbaugh"

It’s Time for the #Resistance Grifters To Go Away

The Lincoln Project got what they wanted – defeating Trump – and got very rich in the process. Now go away.