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Fever Swamp

Fever Swamp

Judge Jeanine Pirro Guilty of Being a Raging Moron About Nazis

Proving the age-old adage, 'don't compare things to Nazis, especially if you are a huge idiot.'

A Toast to the Sniveling Rats Jumping Off Trump’s Sinking Ship

These resignations are worthless.

betsy devos

Republicans Own This Forever

They don't get to take the high road here. They did this.

republicans capitol

Let’s Laugh at Stephen Miller One Last Time

This fucking guy!

Let’s All Enjoy Rudy Giuliani Decomposing on Live TV

Good movie takes, though!

Rudy Giuliani

I Wish Harry Styles in a Dress Was the Threat These Nutjobs Think It Is

This is the future that liberals want!!!!!

Tweets from Candace Owens, Ian Miles Cheong, Ben Shapiro, and Erick Erickson on Harry Styles in a dress on the cover of Vogue

Madison Cawthorn Is a Raging Anti-Semite and Also Very Stupid

The GOP wunderkind is a religious predator who preys on members of other faiths, but he's fun, too!

Congrats to Everyone in the Trump Administration Who Will Face No Consequences for Their Crimes

They will never experience an ounce of retribution from the systems that have the power to hold them accountable.

President Donald J. Trump in a Cabinet meeting Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019, seated next to Ben Carson and Kellyanne Conway, among others.

The Lincoln Project’s Fascism is Just More Well-Dressed

Their only regret is that Trump is a shitty driver, and they know turning the keys over to Biden for four years will do nothing more than keep their seat warm.

Arnold Vinick from the West Wing

Florida Is Ahead of the Fascist Curve

Governor Ron DeSantis' brutal new protest legislation could set a precedent for the entire country.

The Militias Are Part of the Plan

The violence is going to get worse, and no one in the country’s ruling party has any desire to stop it.

Steve Bannon Was Never a Genius

He just recognized that everyone hates American politics as they exist.

The Worst Is Yet to Come

A mass pandemic in a violent country is a chilling combination.

The GOP’s COVID Trap

Republicans are trying to turn the pandemic into a "personal responsibility" issue. That's bullshit.


The Death Cult Gets Its Wish In Texas

My state is reopening tomorrow because our leaders don't care about our lives.


The Monstrousness of the Covid Truthers


The Death Cult Is Everywhere


Trump Doesn’t Care If You Die


Steve Mnuchin Go Fuck Yourself

First as Farce, Then As Tragedy

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