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These Fucking Fuckers

The worst people are running wild today.

joe manchin

A Toast to the Sniveling Rats Jumping Off Trump’s Sinking Ship

These resignations are worthless.

betsy devos

The Next Time Could Be Worse

The GOP is unable and unwilling to put its anti-democratic wing back in the box.

Republicans Own This Forever

They don't get to take the high road here. They did this.

republicans capitol

You Really, Really Don’t Need to Talk About Stacey Abrams Like This

There are ways to celebrate Stacey Abrams' work in Georgia and then there's....whatever this is.

Our Democracy Was Already Broken

Trump's Georgia call should be a reminder that true democracy has barely ever existed in this country.

It’s Almost Like Lefty Dems Have Some Good Political Ideas

Weird how when Democrats started pushing an AOC/Bernie policy, it went well for them!

Reaping What You Sow Kind of Sucks, Huh?

Can you stoke allegations of voting fraud and GOTV? Trump is trying to have it both ways, yet again.

Let’s All Enjoy Rudy Giuliani Decomposing on Live TV

Good movie takes, though!

Rudy Giuliani

Don’t Give Rahm Emanuel a Job Ever Again

The former Chicago mayor is reportedly angling for a Biden Cabinet slot. Absolutely not!

Rahm Emanuel

What If Politicians Actually Tried Solving Problems

If we only wait until something is politically popular, we'll all be dead.

If This Was Happening In Another Country We’d Be Sending In the Troops

If America really cares about democracy, it has no choice but to invade itself.

Jim Clyburn Should Stop Telling Democrats What Works From His Safe Liberal Seat

Instead of getting stuck in Clyburn's echo chamber, let's look at the data.

The Coup is a Crisis Even If It Doesn’t Work

The ramifications of this are deeply worrying no matter what.

Joe Biden Got Exactly What He Wanted

And a few other things we learned from the 2020 election.

Joe Biden speaks after winning the 2020 presidential election

This Is Not the End

Trump is only going to get louder, angrier, and stupider out of office.

Discourses With: A Florida Democrat on Why Florida Democrats Keep Losing

'There really wasn’t a message that offered voters anything to be attracted to.'

Anna Eskamani discussing Florida Democrat losses in 2020

This Is So Much Fun

The stupid dumb idiot lost. We love it!!!!

Fox News declaring Donald Trump lost the 2020 election



Donald Trump loses the 2020 presidential election

Am I the Only One Losing My Entire Mind Right Now

"WHY WON'T THEY CALL IT???" I scream.

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