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I Cannot Stop Thinking About the NYT Fridge Blog

It is making me feel like I'm losing it. How is this real???

A picture of my fridge.

Get Him Out of Here Please

Can we just be done with this man?

Hell Is a Bipartisan Commission

Joe Biden has embraced one of Washington's oldest do-nothing strategies yet again.

Sure Seems Like the President Is Having a Bad Comedown

Gone are the days of his steroid-fueled euphoria. He's missing his fix!

We Will Never Escape EMAILS

The Hunter Biden news shows that all that's certain in this life is death, taxes, and emails.

hunter biden

Mike Pence Has No Base

Wednesday night's debate proved again why Trump picked Mike Pence in the first place: he's not a political threat.

What the Debates Will Make You Forget

It's easy to lose track of the real world at a horse race.

Ain’t That America

We're living in a failed state. Pretending otherwise just shows you've lost the plot.

What Did You Expect?

Pundits are deeply shocked that the presidential debate was so awful. Where have they been?


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The Progressive Wave Isn’t Stopping

Even Delaware, the ultimate "moderate" state, has been rocked by the power of the left.

The Most Important Senate Primary of 2020 Is Happening Today

Can a Bernie-style candidate win in the headquarters of Corporate America?

They Really Think We’re All Idiots

Liberals bashing the left will always be in style, especially if it looks like we're winning.

Joe Kennedy Lost in Eastham, and Walpole, and Newton, and Boston, and Littleton, and

Ed Markey shows that there's something to be gained by allying yourself with the left.

The Last Four Years

How the Trump presidency radicalized me.

The Left Deserves Better Than Aaron Coleman

Public office is something that is earned, not an inherent right

The Berniefication of Ed Markey

How the young left fell in love with an old school liberal.

Were We Ever so Young and Stupid?

Let's walk down memory lane and remember some times we were wrong.

The Decency Trap

Framing indecency as uniquely Trumpian carries major political risks.

Let the Golf Carts Fight

The War of the Villages rages on.

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