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Just Give Us the Money Jesus Christ

The political willpower to help suffering Americans is almost entirely non-existent.

You Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me


The GOP Could Have Everything It Ever Wanted

And it won't let the re-election of a couple of senators, or even Trump, get in the way.

Power Is All That Matters

The GOP gets that. Democrats have other ideas.

After Ginsburg

Some notes on our current hell.


The Democrats Are Paralyzed by Fear

I don't know what it will take for them to take a risk.

The Progressive Wave Isn’t Stopping

Even Delaware, the ultimate "moderate" state, has been rocked by the power of the left.

The Most Important Senate Primary of 2020 Is Happening Today

Can a Bernie-style candidate win in the headquarters of Corporate America?

Joe Kennedy Lost in Eastham, and Walpole, and Newton, and Boston, and Littleton, and

Ed Markey shows that there's something to be gained by allying yourself with the left.

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The Berniefication of Ed Markey

How the young left fell in love with an old school liberal.

The Squad Is Only Getting Stronger

But can it wield real power in a Democratic Congress?

Seriously, Just Give Us the Goddamn Money

It turns out that just giving people money works really well. So, naturally, the government wants to stop.

Chuck Schumer Is a Clown

Amy McGrath is a walking reminder of the Democratic leader's incompetence.

Don’t Be Fooled

Protesters can't be swayed by Democratic promises of 'reform.' The system has to go.

Just Give People Money!

People need cash, but Washington is turning to its usual, absurd playbook instead.

The Democrats Haven’t Earned Anyone’s Trust

The party, led by Joe Biden, has supposedly seen the light. Pardon my skepticism.


Build Your Own Machine

The electoral left went from the verge of victory to barely alive. How can we make it stop?

The Everyday Corruption of the United States Congress

Just hundreds of middle managers making themselves a little richer.