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Just Give People the $2000 Check You Repeatedly Promised Them Please!!!

This is not complicated.

joe biden 2000 checks

Look at This Idiot

Trump would be sitting pretty right now if he wasn't so dumb.

trump impeachment

OK, This Part is Very Funny

Trump getting impeached twice: extremely entertaining.

trump impeached

The Threat Is Coming From Inside the House

The Capitol siege was a week ago, but AOC and the Squad have been under siege for years.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Instagram Live

The Right Never Gave a Shit About the Cops

The GOP freakout about the House metal detectors shows that.

republicans metal detectors

Impeach Trump and Then Keep Going

'Healing and unity' was always a mistake.

trump impeachment

Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool

The Capitol siege has become a super-spreader event. Fun!

capitol covid

We Finally Discovered What It Will Take for Corporations to Stop Giving Republicans Money

All it took was six years and an insurrection.

Donald Trump shakes hands with Mark Zuckerberg

These Fucking Fuckers

The worst people are running wild today.

joe manchin

The Next Time Could Be Worse

The GOP is unable and unwilling to put its anti-democratic wing back in the box.

For the Love of God Log Off

Sen. Brian Schatz is addicted to posting. He should stop posting.

brian schatz

Republicans Own This Forever

They don't get to take the high road here. They did this.

republicans capitol

GOP Handles Capitol Siege Aftermath With Usual Awfulness

Please release us from this hell.

ben sasse

Remind Me Again Why You Wanted Trump to Say Something

He should never say anything, ever.

trump video

This Is How America Works

BLM protesters get assaulted. A Trump mob gets to take the Capitol hostage. What more do you need to know?

capitol siege

No More Excuses

If Democrats don't do big things after Georgia, it will be because they don't want to.

democrats georgia

It’s Almost Like Lefty Dems Have Some Good Political Ideas

Weird how when Democrats started pushing an AOC/Bernie policy, it went well for them!


I repeat: yes.

A Medicare for All Vote Isn’t Worth the Risk

It could leave us even worse off than where we started. There's a better way.

No, New York Times, This Deal Is Not Good Enough

The stimulus package is woefully inadequate. Why is the Times celebrating it?

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