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Cool, We’re Getting a Fascist Freak Caucus

God, these weirdo idiots.

Fever Swamp
Marjorie Taylor Greene talks about some shit, who cares

Kyrsten Sinema’s New Filibuster Defense Is Pathetic Even for Her

This is just laughable.

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

This Matt Gaetz Guy Seems Like a Real Piece of Trash

He always seemed like such a great guy, but I guess not???

Fever Swamp
Matt Gaetz

The Matt Gaetz-Tucker Carlson Video Will Turn Your Brain to Mush

There has never been anything this weird and stupid before.

Cable News
matt gaetz tucker carlson

There Is No Bipartisan Compromise on Voting Rights

Joe Manchin is either delusional or he simply does not give a shit about protecting the right to vote.


Mitch McConnell Thinks You’re Stupid

His threats about the filibuster are hollow and hypocritical even for him.


Marco Rubio Is Giving Capital a Way Out

History says they'll probably take it.

The Economy

Here Are Eight Democratic Senators Who Can Go to Hell

These people all just voted against a $15 minimum wage. Remember their names!

senate minimum wage

The Democrats are Addicted to Fucking This Up

Great news, folks: the checks that were already cut back are being cut back again!

joe manchin stimulus checks

So Neera, So Far

Notes on a failure.

White House

Democrats Don’t Want to Raise the Minimum Wage

The party is making a deliberate decision not to use the power at its disposal.

democrats minimum wage

Why Is Ted Cruz Screaming At Me

He is doing so much of the screaming.

Fever Swamp
ted cruz cpac

America: Where It’s Much Easier to Kill People Than Help Them

The system is working perfectly.

minimum wage

Surely Democrats Can’t Be This Stupid

Their monumental miscalculation on Neera Tanden's nomination is part of a very old pattern.

neera tanden

Accountability Isn’t Real

Ted Cruz won't face consequences because there are no consequences for politicians anymore.


There Is No Hell Hot Enough for Ted Cruz

The rage I feel as a Texan right now cannot be overstated.

ted cruz flying back from cancun

Democrats Gonna Democrat

The party's decision to cave over its own impeachment witness plan is classic.

democrats impeachment witnesses

Neera Tanden Was Finally Made to Answer for Her Crime of Bad Tweets

This thing went fully off the rails.

Bad Online
A collage of Sen. John Kennedy, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and OMB Director nominee Neera Tanden at Tanden's confirmation hearing.

Imagine Thinking Republicans Care About Any of This

We are well past the point where 'facts' and 'evidence' matter.


Impeachment Is Not Enough

The hatred Trump whipped up goes far beyond January 6. The reckoning needs to reflect that.

Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
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