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How Not to Do Unemployment Journalism 101

Felix Salmon's 'deep dive' into unemployment fraud is astonishingly lazy and credulous.

Felix Salmon on 'Axios on HBO'

The House Takes a Gigantic, Meaningless Step To End Forever War

The repeal of the 2002 AUMF is a nice gesture, but it's nowhere near enough.

The World
U.S. Navy Sailors load an AGM-114 Hellfire missile onto an MH-60R Sea Hawk helicopter.

The Texas Government Is Letting Us All Burn

As the state faces another energy grid crisis, our governor is busy trying to crowdfund for a border wall.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott speaking at the WTTC Global Summit 2016

The COVID Housing Crisis Is Crushing the Service Industry

'There's such a lack of housing, any time I run an ad there's no response.'


Fighting Off Climate Doomerism With Kate Aronoff

Today in our What Now newsletter.

Climate Change

The Worst Politicians In Ohio

The Buckeye State's greatest monsters.

Worst Politicians In America

Nothing Is Stupider Than This

Biden and Putin are meeting, so you know what that means: BODY LANGUAGE ANALYSIS.

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin sit during their summit meeting in Geneva, Switzerland

Congrats to Marjorie Taylor Greene for Somehow Fucking Up a Holocaust Apology

So close.

Fever Swamp

What Part of This Do Democrats Not Understand

Republicans are sending very obvious signals that they will never put any Biden nominee on the Supreme Court. Yet Democrats do nothing.

Mitch McConnell speaking in the Senate

Seriously, Just Keep Giving Us the Money, Again and Always!!!

One more time for the folks in the back.

White House

The NYC Mayor’s Race Has Way Bigger Problems Than Where Eric Adams Lives

Adams is embroiled in a truly ludicrous scandal—but he would be a bad mayor for much more serious reasons.

Eric Adams speaking at the NYC mayoral debate on CBS New York

Kamala Harris’ Empty Words

The vice president's speech in Guatemala was hollow, cruel, and disingenuous—just like the Biden administration's overall immigration policy.

Kamala Harris speaks in Guatemala

The Democrats’ Bigoted Smear Campaign Against Ilhan Omar

House Democrats are going after Omar because she had the gall to say that America and Israel do not deserve special treatment in international courts.

Ilhan Omar speaking at an event for Bernie Sanders in 2020

Emmanuel Macron Getting Slapped Is the Feel-Good Hit of the Summer

More like Emmanuel SMACKron.

The World

‘What Will People Do When Palestine Isn’t Trending Anymore?’

Today in What Now: talking about Palestine and solidarity with writer and podcaster Nashwa Khan.


This Is What Policing Is All About

The NYPD attacks on people having fun in a public space are a reminder of the core function of police: violent social control.

THe NYPD moves into Washington Square Park

Here’s a Democratic Congressman Being a Complete Monster About Vaccines

Ted Lieu's official position is that if you live in a Bad Country, you should be allowed to die.

Ted Lieu

The Worst Politicians In Georgia

We have these awful, awful people on our minds!

Worst Politicians In America
Worst Politicians in Georgia

Watch This Kyrsten Sinema Video And Try Not to Have a Rage Stroke

Every week, it feels like she comes up with an even worse excuse for why she is holding the entire country hostage.

Kyrsten Sinema talks about the filibuster in Tuscon

What’s Really Behind the GOP’s War on Critical Race Theory

It's not just about shutting Black people down. It's about protecting whiteness.

Fever Swamp
A U.S. map titled, "A Moral and Political Sketch of the United States of North America with a note on Negro Slavery, Junius Redivivus (1833) by Charles Louis Napoleon Achille Murat. Original from British Library. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel."
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