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The Normie Conquest

A Joe Biden win would partially represent a counter-revolution of the normie middle. How would the left handle that?


Cops Do a Big Lie About Philly Protests, Immediately Get Caught

Cops are willfully lying to distort the media narrative about the protests. This is completely normal.

Stephen Miller Is, Unfortunately, Healthy and Evil Again

Here he is, well-rested and ready to continue his ghoulish anti-immigrant bullshit.

Stephen Miller speaking with supporters of Donald Trump at a rally at Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix, Arizona.

Leave the Moon Alone

We are the reason we can’t have nice (celestial) things.

Congrats to This Piece of Shit

You don't get points for being one of the better fascists.

I Cannot Stop Thinking About the NYT Fridge Blog

It is making me feel like I'm losing it. How is this real???

A picture of my fridge.

The Lincoln Project’s Fascism is Just More Well-Dressed

Their only regret is that Trump is a shitty driver, and they know turning the keys over to Biden for four years will do nothing more than keep their seat warm.

Arnold Vinick from the West Wing

Let’s Blow It All Up

Some thoughts on how our system of government should be destroyed and replaced.


The New York Times’ Ridiculous Lament for the GOP

The paper's editorial mourning the Republican Party is ahistorical claptrap—particularly right now.

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Shut Everything Down Again

We're in a third COVID wave, and there's an obvious solution. Why won't we try it?


Get Him Out of Here Please

Can we just be done with this man?

Hell Is a Bipartisan Commission

Joe Biden has embraced one of Washington's oldest do-nothing strategies yet again.

Will People Still Care When it’s No Longer Trump Doing It?

It is wrong to assume that we're voting for a Biden administration that won't just revert back to an immigration status quo.

President Donald Trump signs a plaque on the U.S. border for the 200th mile of new border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border near Yuma, Ariz.

Sure Seems Like the President Is Having a Bad Comedown

Gone are the days of his steroid-fueled euphoria. He's missing his fix!

‘You Need to Be Alarmed’

Discourses with: a non-binary, Black director of two Southern abortion funds.

A pair of arms holding up a retro "keep abortion legal NOW" sign against some trees, the photo edited into a orange and yellow combination

Just Give Us the Money Jesus Christ

The political willpower to help suffering Americans is almost entirely non-existent.

Pour One Out for the CIA

America's intelligence agencies are having a rough time. Thank god for Joe Biden!

How to Destroy the Supreme Court

For there to be real progress in this country, the court as it currently exists must end.


You Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me


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