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Please, Fuck Off: Ben Shapiro and Politico

If I never hear the name Ben Shapiro again for as long as I live, it'll be too soon.

ben shapiro politico

Judge Jeanine Pirro Guilty of Being a Raging Moron About Nazis

Proving the age-old adage, 'don't compare things to Nazis, especially if you are a huge idiot.'

No, New York Times, This Deal Is Not Good Enough

The stimulus package is woefully inadequate. Why is the Times celebrating it?

What Is Jake Tapper’s Deal?

More like Jake Crapper.

Jake Tapper

Look! Big Gator!!!

Wow. The power that gators have. Look at the big one.

The New York Times’ Ridiculous Lament for the GOP

The paper's editorial mourning the Republican Party is ahistorical claptrap—particularly right now.

Jeffrey Toobin Doesn’t Need a Defense

What, exactly, are people trying to cover for here?


Journalists Should Hate What They Cover

If you're not mad at this point, you're not doing your job.

MSNBC Anchor Stephanie Ruhle interviews JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

You Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Gotta Hand It to Him

The pundits and politicians are fanning out to wish Trump well. No!

You Have to Understand We’re All in This Together

There's absolutely no excuse for throwing a colleague under the bus.


What Is Paul Krugman Talking About???

People have got to stop lying to themselves like this.

Please, Fuck Off: Andrew Sullivan

Society has progressed past the need for posh racists steering public discourse.

What ‘Law and Order’ Really Means

The message is coming from all sides: it's time to bring Black people into line.

Why They’re Not Calling It a Strike

Acknowledging that most of us are workers and workers can withhold their labor is a stark challenge to the status quo. It also doesn't happen all that often.

Please, Fuck Off: Nick Kristof

The Times' resident white savior has his heart in the right place. But his work falls short over and over again.


Have We Reached Peak ‘Never Tweet’?

Rarely have the rewards been so paltry and the pitfalls so deep.

Please, Fuck Off: Journalism’s Slush Fund Parasites

In the first edition of Discourse Blog's 'Please, Fuck Off' series, let's talk about the media's useless 'thinkfluence' industry.

Ben Smith Doesn’t Want to Pick a Side

Discourses with the New York Times media columnist.

The Only Solution is to Burn it All Down

The media industry's racism will only be fixed when the entire system is torn apart.

Rubber Bullets Don’t Fire Themselves

The media keeps using language that obscures the reality of police violence.

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