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I Cannot Stop Thinking About the NYT Fridge Blog

It is making me feel like I'm losing it. How is this real???

A picture of my fridge.

Get Through Election Night With Us

You don't have to suffer alone, because we're doing a live Election Night stream.

The Lincoln Project’s Fascism is Just More Well-Dressed

Their only regret is that Trump is a shitty driver, and they know turning the keys over to Biden for four years will do nothing more than keep their seat warm.

Arnold Vinick from the West Wing

The New York Times’ Ridiculous Lament for the GOP

The paper's editorial mourning the Republican Party is ahistorical claptrap—particularly right now.

Jeffrey Toobin Doesn’t Need a Defense

What, exactly, are people trying to cover for here?


Journalists Should Hate What They Cover

If you're not mad at this point, you're not doing your job.

MSNBC Anchor Stephanie Ruhle interviews JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

The Discourse Blog Discord is Now Live

Welcome to our other new home on the internet.


Turning the Page

Welcome to the all-new Discourse Blog.

We’re Looking for Two Discord Moderators

We need two subscribers to help us run the community we're building on Discord. Here's how to apply.

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The Fight Is Never Over

A tumultuous week in the digital media labor movement is a reminder that the struggle for basic workers' rights is eternal.

Join Our Subscribers-Only VP Debate Watch Party

Yes, we're doing this again. Here's how to join us.

You Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Gotta Hand It to Him

The pundits and politicians are fanning out to wish Trump well. No!

You Have to Understand We’re All in This Together

There's absolutely no excuse for throwing a colleague under the bus.


What Did You Expect?

Pundits are deeply shocked that the presidential debate was so awful. Where have they been?


How to Join Our Subscribers-Only Debate Watch Parties

Subscribers have access to a private chatroom with the Discourse Blog staff, where we can break down the debate in real time together. Here's how to get in.

Watch the Presidential Debate With Us


Begin Again

We’re launching a new website in October.

What Is Paul Krugman Talking About???

People have got to stop lying to themselves like this.

Please, Fuck Off: Andrew Sullivan

Society has progressed past the need for posh racists steering public discourse.

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