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Today in What Now: Talking to David Roth About the End of Trump

A sneak preview of today's premium newsletter.


This Week In ‘What Now’

A reminder of what we featured in our new premium newsletter this week.

Please, Fuck Off: Ben Shapiro and Politico

If I never hear the name Ben Shapiro again for as long as I live, it'll be too soon.

ben shapiro politico

Judge Jeanine Pirro Guilty of Being a Raging Moron About Nazis

Proving the age-old adage, 'don't compare things to Nazis, especially if you are a huge idiot.'

New Year, New Tiers

Announcing some changes to our subscription tiers.

subscription tier prices

The Journey Continues

What Discourse Blog did in 2020, what we're hoping to do in 2021, and why we would love your support.

No, New York Times, This Deal Is Not Good Enough

The stimulus package is woefully inadequate. Why is the Times celebrating it?

Let’s Laugh at Stephen Miller One Last Time

This fucking guy!

Who’s More Famous: The Rock or Ellen?

A question for the ages.

the rock ellen

Presenting: the Nominees for Discourse Blog’s Person of the Year

The people who made our lives slightly better (or worse) in 2020.

A graphic of birds tweeting at an anonymous image of Discourse Blog's Person of the Year

Please, Fuck Off: NBC Hack Ken Dilanian

It's a travesty that he still has a job as a journalist.

Ken Dilanian on MSNBC

Just Another Day at the Office

Neal Katyal used to work for Barack Obama. Now he defends corporations' right to use slaves.

Neal Katyal on MSNBC

What Is Jake Tapper’s Deal?

More like Jake Crapper.

Jake Tapper

It’s Going to be a Very Long Four Years

Scrutinizing people in power is NOT cool anymore OK????

Introducing the Discourse Blog Stay Home Giving Drive

We're offering up to 25 percent off a Discourse Blog subscription—and the chance to give to a vital cause.

Look! Big Gator!!!

Wow. The power that gators have. Look at the big one.

Nobody Needs to Hear From Claire McCaskill About Anything

Why is anyone turning to this political failure for advice?

Claire McCaskill

It Wasn’t All Bad: Here Are Some Highlights From Our Election Night Stream

While you were spiraling, Discourse Blog spent Election Night 2020 talking with journalists, organizers, and podcasters about the state of the nation and what the hell happens next.

I Cannot Stop Thinking About the NYT Fridge Blog

It is making me feel like I'm losing it. How is this real???

A picture of my fridge.

Get Through Election Night With Us

You don't have to suffer alone, because we're doing a live Election Night stream.

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