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We Finally Discovered What It Will Take for Corporations to Stop Giving Republicans Money

All it took was six years and an insurrection.

Donald Trump shakes hands with Mark Zuckerberg

Silicon Valley Dorks Are Freaking Out About the Google Union

Tech workers are organizing. No wonder the bosses are losing their minds.

Google headquarters

Please, Fuck Off: Whole Foods CEO John Mackey

You don't have to be a doctor to see that he's peddling able-bodied, rich people bullshit.

John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods

The Pathetic Stimulus Won’t Be Enough to Help My Mom

She got laid off while Congress worked out how many struggling people to betray.

Image from page 287 of "Bell telephone magazine" (1922) of a woman operating a local switchboard

The Vaccine Is Not Enough

We will need so much more help before this thing is really over.

sandra lindsay covid vaccine

Discourses With: An Organizer of Columbia’s Insurgent Tuition Strike

'Our mission is to get students thinking about power in a way that they haven't before.'

Students at Columbia University's graduation in 2015.

Finally, a White House That Will Listen to the CEOs

At last, an administration that is willing to prioritize the forgotten people.

Cedric Richmond

Someone Come Get the Rich People

The rich people are officially doing too much.

david sedaris

No Seriously, Fuck You, Andrew Cuomo

We know how this went the first time. We can't let it happen again.

‘Personal Responsibility’ Won’t Save Us From a Pandemic

We're in this crisis because governments have abandoned us—not because of individual failure.


I Can’t Wait to Have Pandemic Fun at America’s Biggest Indoor Waterpark

Just what we needed during a third COVID wave amid a pandemic in a state with a double-digit positivity rate.

A digital rendering of the outside of the Kalahari Round Rock location, with a yellow sign and stripe-pattern painted buildings and statues of elephants

The Fight Is Never Over

A tumultuous week in the digital media labor movement is a reminder that the struggle for basic workers' rights is eternal.

Here Are Some of Your IRS Horror Stories

"That $600 bill literally halved my ‘disposable' income for the year."

Send Us Your IRS Horror Stories

We want to hear from you (and we'll keep you anonymous).

If Trump’s Taxes Make You Mad Let Me Introduce You to American Capitalism

Our tax system invites manipulation by anyone rich enough to do it.

How to Do Labor Journalism 101

Discourse Blog's best stories about work and workers.


The Eviction Crisis Should Be Biden’s Top Priority

It's both a dire moral emergency and good politics.

Why They’re Not Calling It a Strike

Acknowledging that most of us are workers and workers can withhold their labor is a stark challenge to the status quo. It also doesn't happen all that often.

Black Lives Matter on the Picket Line

Striking New Orleans sanitation workers fight for respect. 


The Post Office Is For Everybody

Trump is murdering one of our best things.

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