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The ‘Great British Bake Off’ Finale Was an Extremely 2020 Kind of Ride

The final was the slightly-crazed, skin-of-its-teeth affair that this year deserved.

Great British Bake Off Final

Shocker: TV’s Quest to Purge Blackface Was Less Than Genuine

Was this ever really about being thoughtful, or just about not looking racist in public?

Dwight Schrute from "The Office" episode "Dwight Christmas" dressed up as Belsnickel

You’ve Been Watching Army Propaganda This Entire Time

How an old MTV reality show opened my eyes about the military's iron grip on our culture.

A photo illustration of the cast of MTV's The Challenge: The Island lifting the U.S. Army logo star on a beach, under a plane dropping a U.S. Army "air drop" supply crate

The Winner is SNL, the Loser is All of Us

Biden-Harris promises a return to the Golden Age of political satire. Which sucked.

The Comfort of Fantasy

Alternate realities do very little to change our actual world.

Mindless TV Is the Answer You Seek

Everywhere you look is another bad thing, still. Watching garbage can help.


‘Terrace House’ Is Falling Down

The biggest lie we ever told ourselves about the Japanese reality show was that it wasn't like all the other ones.

Justice For Jackie Cox

Let her into the Drag Race finale you cowards!