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The Discourse

In No World Did I Need to Know Mr. Bean’s Thoughts on Cancel Culture

'Mr. Bean weighs in on cancel culture': a real thing that now exists!

rowan atkinson

The Things That Got Us Through 2020

This year was awful. Here are just a few of the things that made it more bearable.

Let the Year End Before You Do Year-End Lists

A modest proposal for the 'year-after' list.

The Journey Continues

What Discourse Blog did in 2020, what we're hoping to do in 2021, and why we would love your support.

There’s Nowhere to Go but Up

The days have been getting shorter and shorter for months. This is where it ends.

Dark winter night

Who’s More Famous: The Rock or Ellen?

A question for the ages.

the rock ellen

Presenting: the Nominees for Discourse Blog’s Person of the Year

The people who made our lives slightly better (or worse) in 2020.

A graphic of birds tweeting at an anonymous image of Discourse Blog's Person of the Year

I’m Obsessed With Dave, the ‘Great British Bake Off’ Guy Who Freaking Loves California

Dave is addicted to the Golden State, and I'm addicted to Dave.


No Heroes: Girl Scouts

Being apolitical is not working for an organization I've cherished for much of my life.

The Election Made Me Get a Cat

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman in possession of deep anxiety over politics must be in want of a tiny creature to obsess over.

What We’re Reading This Week

Because so much of what we're exposed to is Bad, we're highlighting some of the things we've read each week that were Good.

Finding My Grandparents’ Graves Online

The internet works in mysterious ways.

An illustration of the Find A Grave logo with an orange textured tombstone and a big purple question mark, wilting flowers, and little green wifi signals floating around the grave marker

Please, Fuck Off: 2020 Adult Halloween

Cancel it. Incinerate it. Trap it in a box lined with knives and wrap it up in chains and padlocks and throw it in the bottom of the lake.

The 'Mean Girls' Halloween scene but edited, making Cady Haron as a 'coronavirus' bride, Gretchen Wieners the 'Mike Pence fly,' and Karen Smith as a slutty 'Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg.'

Pandemic Life: We Are All Skeletons Now

In 2020, nothing feels truer than a massive, expensive, decorative representation of our own mortality.

Oatmeal Is Tearing Us Apart

Civil war has broken out because some people like oatmeal and some other people are wrong.

Crosbie, Rafi, Sam and Paul and our Discord chat on the Discourse Blog Twitch stream talking about oatmeal, our screen split apart by a glowing bowl of oatmeal, with a purple textured background

I Would Simply Smack the Tiny Spy Drone

Ring's new flying spycam is horrifying but consider this: you can probably smash it.

Let Me Tell You About My Heart

Or, how some people tried to un-fuck my fairly fucked-up organ.

Pandemic Life: I Started Cross Stitching and I Can’t Stop

How an accidental hobby became my obsession.

The Last Four Years

How the Trump presidency radicalized me.

A Definitive Ranking of How Much Each State’s DNC Roll Call Felt Like a David Lynch Movie

Another deeply weird night at the Big Dance.

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