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The Hyperloop’s Only Destination is a Capitalist Hellscape

It's the perfect example of the end-state death-cult capitalism that the American ruling class believes in.

The first two passengers on Virgin's Hyperloop One.

Leave the Moon Alone

We are the reason we can’t have nice (celestial) things.

What ‘The Social Dilemma’ Gets Wrong

Its conclusion about what's really causing mass unrest is a myopic cop-out.

I Would Simply Smack the Tiny Spy Drone

Ring's new flying spycam is horrifying but consider this: you can probably smash it.

I Am This Close to Losing It over ‘Ocean Galaxy Lights’

The last corner of Twitter I thought I could trust, consumed by some corny night lights.

I Know What I Googled This Summer

What have I been up to? Let my search history lead the way!

Please, Fuck Off: VC Startup Guys

The brightest minds in cutting-edge business are some of the dumbest motherfuckers out there.

Elon Musk Made Me a Socialist

The quickest way to radicalization is covering big tech.