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Man, What the Hell?

Man, What the Hell?

Man, What The Hell? Flew The Coup Edition

Plus brands, bomb dogs, and Punk Rock, baby!!!!!!

Man, What The Hell? Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Edition

Plus porn, police, and two killer parties.

Man, What The Hell?: Oh, Hanukkah? Edition

Plus high tech heists, missing teeth, and some big booms.

Man, What the Hell? Sock It to Me Edition

Plus planes, penises, and police.

Man, What The Hell? Mag-Neato Edition

Plus monkeys, burgers, and mysterious slime.

Man, What the Hell? I Coup Coup Choose You Edition

Plus bears, butts, and Bari.

Man, What the Hell? What the HELL???? Edition

Plus geese, germs, and some very sensitive cops.

Man, What The Hell? Decisions Decisions Edition

Plus rats, monkeys, and kissin' cousins.

Man, What the Hell? Pitter Patter, Let’s Get At’er Edition

Plus raccoons, radiation, and the return of the Murder Hornets!

Man, What The Hell? I’m Tired Edition

Plus Yodels, Zambonis, and a very happy birthday to the wrong Trump.

Man, What The Hell? Burn After Reading Edition

Plus pigs, punks, and property!

Man, What the Hell? Everything’s FINE Edition

Plus subversive sausages, un-bread, and some truly bad tweets

Man, What The Hell? Good Grief Edition

Plus condoms, candy, and cow manure.

Man, What the Hell? What a Year This Week has Been Edition

Plus eggs, art, and Dershwatch 2020!

Man, What The Hell? Time After Time Edition

Plus thicc goats, good goats, and the WAP we never asked for.

Man, What the Hell? Crusty the Clown Edition

Plus: wings, minions, and da big apple, baby!!!!

Man, What The Hell? Weak Week Edition

Plus Smashed Mouths, Moondancing, and a message from Mother Nature.

Man, What The Hell? Bread and Circus Edition

Plus a Kennedy, a BART fart, and - oh no! - bees!!!

Man, What The Hell? Heart-y Har Har Edition

Plus: POTUS pressure, the great space shaping, and an alarming boar update.

Man, What The Hell? The Time Is Now Edition

Plus: Bush, boars, and baseball.

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