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Bad Online

No Heroes: Girl Scouts

Being apolitical is not working for an organization I've cherished for much of my life.

Here’s Some Extremely Dumb Posts About Ending COVID-19

The level of pure fantasy we're operating at is just staggering.

Congrats to the Gap for Winning the ‘Terrible Election Responses’ Race

Fuck right the fuck off with this pandering bullshit and stay there!!!

A tweet of the red and blue gap hoodie, from the Gap account, with the text "The one thing we know, is that together, we can move forward," with a red and blue heart. The background is patterned red and blue upside down hearts,

‘Scooby Don’ Impressionist James Austin Johnson on How to Impersonate Our Dying Wet President

'That's the main thing I focus on, is that this is a rasping old man who is inches from death at any moment.'

I Would Simply Smack the Tiny Spy Drone

Ring's new flying spycam is horrifying but consider this: you can probably smash it.

I Am This Close to Losing It over ‘Ocean Galaxy Lights’

The last corner of Twitter I thought I could trust, consumed by some corny night lights.

The Left Deserves Better Than Aaron Coleman

Public office is something that is earned, not an inherent right

Have We Reached Peak ‘Never Tweet’?

Rarely have the rewards been so paltry and the pitfalls so deep.

Let’s Not Do This

Protesters everywhere are insisting that racism has "small dick energy." Why?

What the K-Pop Stan Stories Are Missing

We can't overlook the fandom's troubling, complicated relationship with race.

Choose Your Hill Wisely

Make sure the cause you wish to be remembered for is a worthy one, unlike these idiots.

I Don’t Care About Donald Trump’s Twitter Anymore

His account will never be deleted. Pretending otherwise is a waste of time.

TikTok Is A Terrible Cooking App

I'm currently 0/3 for viral video recipe successes. Don't be like me.

The Worst New Trend Is the Celebrity Coronavirus Cameo

Rich, famous people are sharing their quarantine musings for cash. It's chilling.

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