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Leave the Moon Alone

We are the reason we can’t have nice (celestial) things.

Please, Fuck Off: 2020 Adult Halloween

Cancel it. Incinerate it. Trap it in a box lined with knives and wrap it up in chains and padlocks and throw it in the bottom of the lake.

The 'Mean Girls' Halloween scene but edited, making Cady Haron as a 'coronavirus' bride, Gretchen Wieners the 'Mike Pence fly,' and Karen Smith as a slutty 'Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg.'

Office Hours: Treat Yourself

You can have a little pre-election salami, as a treat.

Man, What the Hell? Pitter Patter, Let’s Get At’er Edition

Plus raccoons, radiation, and the return of the Murder Hornets!

‘Scooby Don’ Impressionist James Austin Johnson on How to Impersonate Our Dying Wet President

'That's the main thing I focus on, is that this is a rasping old man who is inches from death at any moment.'

Pandemic Life: We Are All Skeletons Now

In 2020, nothing feels truer than a massive, expensive, decorative representation of our own mortality.

Office Hours: Boob Toob

All I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom, and a poom-poom — just block your cam.

Man, What The Hell? I’m Tired Edition

Plus Yodels, Zambonis, and a very happy birthday to the wrong Trump.

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Oatmeal Is Tearing Us Apart

Civil war has broken out because some people like oatmeal and some other people are wrong.

Crosbie, Rafi, Sam and Paul and our Discord chat on the Discourse Blog Twitch stream talking about oatmeal, our screen split apart by a glowing bowl of oatmeal, with a purple textured background

You’ve Been Watching Army Propaganda This Entire Time

How an old MTV reality show opened my eyes about the military's iron grip on our culture.

A photo illustration of the cast of MTV's The Challenge: The Island lifting the U.S. Army logo star on a beach, under a plane dropping a U.S. Army "air drop" supply crate

Fuck Columbus Forever

It’s honestly unbelievable that anyone still celebrates this holiday. Give to these Native causes instead.

What ‘The Social Dilemma’ Gets Wrong

Its conclusion about what's really causing mass unrest is a myopic cop-out.

Man, What the Hell? Everything’s FINE Edition

Plus subversive sausages, un-bread, and some truly bad tweets

I Would Simply Smack the Tiny Spy Drone

Ring's new flying spycam is horrifying but consider this: you can probably smash it.

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