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Office Hours: Petty and the Heartbreakers

Sure, impeachment's a big deal, but why not give Trump something that'll *really* hurt?

RIP to the World’s Greatest Poster of All Time, @RealDonaldTrump

Goodnight, sweet prince.

donald trump suspended

Man, What The Hell? Flew The Coup Edition

Plus brands, bomb dogs, and Punk Rock, baby!!!!!!

For the Love of God Log Off

Sen. Brian Schatz is addicted to posting. He should stop posting.

brian schatz

Meghan McCain Is Getting Owned by Her Cohosts Again, All Is Well

It's so good!


Office Hours: We Have a Bingo!

Let's get those 2021 predictions in nice and early so you can inevitably say you told us so.

Silicon Valley Dorks Are Freaking Out About the Google Union

Tech workers are organizing. No wonder the bosses are losing their minds.

Google headquarters

In No World Did I Need to Know Mr. Bean’s Thoughts on Cancel Culture

'Mr. Bean weighs in on cancel culture': a real thing that now exists!

rowan atkinson

Rich People Who Can Fuck Off in 2021

We have it on good authority that Baby New Year says we should eat the rich.

The Things That Got Us Through 2020

This year was awful. Here are just a few of the things that made it more bearable.

Let the Year End Before You Do Year-End Lists

A modest proposal for the 'year-after' list.

Office Hours: Audition Edition

Time to cast your ideal feature film of 2020 (based on a true story).

The Journey Continues

What Discourse Blog did in 2020, what we're hoping to do in 2021, and why we would love your support.

Let’s Revive the Christmas Ghost Story

It’s the most wonderful time of the yearβ€”and that used to mean terrifying your loved ones with supernatural Yuletide tales.

The Secret Socialist History of America’s Favorite Anthems

Yes, even the Pledge of Allegiance.

Children pledging allegiance to the American flag, in a black and white undated photo with a red and brown filter

There’s Nowhere to Go but Up

The days have been getting shorter and shorter for months. This is where it ends.

Dark winter night

Man, What The Hell? Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Edition

Plus porn, police, and two killer parties.

Every Good Wedding Has a Little Human Sacrifice

The danger of the coronavirus has simply not sunk in for most of the country.


Office Hours: Ho Ho Holy Crap

It's the worst wonderful time of the year!

Maybe We Can Stop Doing the Prison Rape Jokes Now

Debra Messing's deranged Trump tweets show how supposedly progressive people turn horrible when it comes to prisons.

debra messing prison
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