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Best Coronavirus Celebrity Fails 2020 [4K]

Who could have guessed that “celebrities doing internet crimes in the time of the novel coronavirus” would flourish as a viral web garbage genre? LOL, I am joking. Of course this was bound to happen.

It makes total sense that celebrities equate internet virality, or even their mere presence online, with getting shit done. It is not enough, however, to be rich and say, “I see you.” As NPR’s Code Switch recently shared, empathy can only get a person so far, but it is certainly far worse to be this rich and talk about the virus as if you’ve never learned the meaning of the word (empathy, not coronavirus).

It should be said that some of the general public has been just as guilty as celebrities are in their interpersonal behavior amid this pandemic. Some reacted to the virus like Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert, wiping his hands all over a bouquet of mics at a press conference, boasting about our supposed immortality. Some were Vanessa Hudgens, shrugging at the fact that many will die regardless of our own behavior. And several were Gal Gadot and friends, doing… I am not quite sure what the “normal person” equivalent of this would be. Clapping through your window at the driver dropping off your delivery on your front porch, maybe?

No, I do not expect celebrities to be any smarter than us. And when they fuck up, they fuck up loud. (Do they not have access to their assistants and publicists during this time? Surely it takes very little effort to send over your video for final approval, just for a headass check?) But they are rich and powerful and have platforms that scientists and doctors and workers rights organizers do not. And for that, they should be held to a far higher standard. especially when they continue to say and do remarkably dumb things when they could just, perhaps, redistribute their wealth to the people who need it.

I say this with no malice, but you will all be appropriately dealt with once the revolution is over. Get in losers, we’re going to the Hague!!

There are exceptions to this rule, among them Rihanna, Cardi B, Fran Drescher, and Britney Spears. “Gimme more,” Spears once sang. I am inspired to see her call for wealth redistribution in these cruel times.

Yes, I will give a pass to any celebrity who calls for a general strike and a nationwide rent freeze. And purchases masks and test kits to donate to hospitals. And starts a national relief fund for undocumented workers. I am not asking for too much, because these people have the money to advocate for these things or make them happen. Again, in the words of Ms. Spears, now get to work bitch!!!

Featured image screenshots via Good Morning America/YouTube, The View/YouTube, MLG Highlights/YouTube