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How DARE Bernie Sanders Ask for an Extra Blanket

On the 2020 campaign trail, the Vermont senator had the audacity to request green tea and a chilly hotel room. For shame!!!

bernie sanders on fox news
Bernie Sanders/YouTube

Look, we’ve had some issues with Sen. Bernie Sanders as of late. But, being intelligent, self-aware adults moving through a complex world, I trust we can hold two things in our mind at once: demanding more from Sanders’ remarks on Israel and Palestine while also condemning a new, craven shit-fit from The New York Post about the gall of the senator wanting an extra blanket while he was on the campaign trail.

That revelation, which was first reported by Fox News, comes from professional Bernie-basher Edward-Isaac Dovere’s new book, Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaigns to Defeat Trump. Dovere obtained the Sanders campaign’s “comfort memo” about how Bernie liked things to be as he maintained a grinding schedule while also fending off constant attacks by the entire machinery of the Democratic Party. Per the Post:

According to Dovere, Sanders preferred suites with bathtubs and a king-size bed “which had to have a down comforter or another blanket in the closet. He preferred that the extra blanket be dark blue, and made of cotton.”

Sanders, 79, required that his room be kept at 60 degrees even if it meant opening a window in winter or manually overriding the hotel’s climate control system. Dovere recounts one incident on a trip to California when a hotel worker tried and failed to get the room to the required coolness.

“So, Chloe,” Dovere writes an “annoyed” Sanders told the employee. “You don’t want me to sleep tonight?”

The book adds that Sanders would preserve his man-of-the-people bona fides by turning down room upgrades, occasionally swapping with aides and telling them, “if there’s a bomb in there, it’s yours tonight.”

That’s simply smart tactical ops!! The story continues by gesturing at its own absurdity:

The “comfort memo” also reportedly required that Sanders’ hotel rooms be stocked with green tea with honey, Gatorade and assorted nuts (no word about brown M&Ms).

The book also delves into Sanders’ affection for private jets, which has previously been noted with bitterness by staffers for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign.

The man wanted GREEN TEA???? ARE YOU ACTUALLY KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW??? And yes, please do hold space for terminally bitter Clinton staffers to air their grievances. I didn’t care about them at the time and certainly don’t now!

What I love most about this item is that the tabloid links back to its own SEO hit headlined “Rock stars’ wackiest backstage demands,” which contains infamous rider asks like Nikki Sixx requesting a sub-machine gun, a machete, and a boa constrictor and Amy Winehouse requesting a “sign for the door that reads: ‘Only Big Boys Can Enter,'” (which owns, obviously).

But yeah, how dare you, Bernie. What’s next, being a socialist who also lives in a house?? HYPOCRITE, MUCH???